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I am now starting to panic as i am off to London for 5 days end may with my parents and my partner they are taking me away as my year has been bit of a horrible one with one thing and another so they want to take me right away and my daughter is going to house and dog sit bless her she has the week off work.

But i am worrying about spoiling it for everyone as i know i will try to keep up and i wont be able too i may take my stick with me but i will 3 people to hold onto .

They have all told me not to worry they will go at my pace and will stop as many times as need be so hopefully i will be ok

i am so looking forward to it i havent been away for 2 years and that was just 2 days to Derbyshire with my partner which was lovely .

How do you all anage when you go away ??? we are going on the train to London and getting taxi at the other end to hotel so hopefully i will be ok

love to you all and have a lovely evening as i am now off to have a bath

love Diddle xxx

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im sure you will have alovely time and your family is great they know you cant hurry so why try.

i was as anxious as you when i went away with friends, they knew it was my pace or not at all, i only had 1 really bad day when the pain was too much and the tears did flow but we all got over it and enjoyed our time,

so take it slow and enjoy the change

gentle hugs

Lin x


Diddle, it's the same principle, ie Pacing yourself LOndon is a big place, but I would say definitley take your sticks and work out what everyone wants to do, and make sure they understand that your pace is slow, so if some want to go off and do something then you and whoever meet up, there are lots of coffee stops in London and if you find Patisserie Valerie, they have superb cakes.

Above all enjoy!!!! x x x x x x


Hi diddle first of all have a lovely time and I echo soulsusie 's reply don't try to fit everything in pace over the 5 days allowing times for a rest if you need it oh and plenty of coffee shop stops, one idea has just come to mind research the nearest shopmobility to where you are staying, ring them before you go and book a mobility scooter for shopping and site seeing, this i find to be a good solution because it enables you to keep up and shop till your family drop LOL link with all the shopmobility sites in london hope this helps look forward too hearing how you got on :-)) sue


Hi thankyou all above for your very helpful coments sounds like i will be eating lots of cake and yummy yummy that suits me . but seriously thankyou that is all very helpful advice love diddle x


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