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just one message to everyone on here that comment on me , am sorry for upsetting anyone didnt mean to ,

its upset me today to read my reply but am ok , i dont mean and wouldn't ever upset anyone its n ot me , am a lovely person ,but its how i feel in side but i have past it like some of u on here , i am trying so hard to love myself amd my life , yes i have 4 lovely children and 3 grandkids witch i love dearly if they wasn't in my life , i would have all the love they give me , so this is why i keep it all in my soul as i dont want them to be like me , they are my number 1 am just the mum they need me i know this and i know they love me sometimes thay might not like me , but am here all the time with my door open when ever they need me as thats me mum , i leave my feelings in the cupboard lol.... so see am smiling :) :) :)

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Hi ellenmarie, I'm so glad you're feeling a bit better - you didn't upset me, I was just concerned about you and wanted to offer some help and support, that's what we are all here for isn't it?

Try not to be too hard on yourself. Love and big hug, Kimbell


you didnt upset me either, we ve all been in that dark place, so never be afraid to post your feelings on here, we re here to help, take carexxxxx


as said before we have all been there lovey ,,, we all have a safe place to vent ,, i dont think there is one of us who hasnt gotten to feel this bad ,, just feel well soon xxxx


dont think anybody would be upset at what you said i think thats what this sites for but try to talk more on here so you dont get aslow again and im sure someone will pick you up soon enough as i think most in here have had feelings like you had but maybe this time try and talk to youre doctor about how you are feeling there not as bad as you think and they will give you help believe me you dont want youre mood to get lower hope you will feel better soon if not kick the (cat) no dont lol xx


hi you didnt upset me either you worried me i hae hearing people talk like that but we all do it jus sometimres we need guiding back to the right place love to you and take care diddle x


hi hunny you did'nt upset me if you can't say how you feel to us lot then who can you talk to we have all been there so now how you feel

so don't say sorry i am just so glad that you are feeling better and promis me that the next time you feel like that you will tell us and not repet NOT keep it to your self :) bless you hun we are all big peopel and if we don't like what is posted then just don't read

you are fine soft hugs and a big hug from me


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