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So Frustrating

Now my full body is aching all over, due to not taking my ibrufen for nearly a week, my leg pain where the fracture is in more pain than ever. Got an appointment tomorrow to check fracture, xray and re plaster as long as bone has stayed where reset last week, if not will need a plate fitting, but plaster so big now due to swelling now down, so fingers crossed not had too much movement in leg, near ankle, but the increase instead of decrease in pain, I have prepared myself for worst case senerio. Is just so difficult to do the slightest task. Any normal person the amount of pain medication would knock them out, I so wish I did not have this horrible condition. I am lucky enough to have understanding people in the health profession who is doing all they can for me, but really getting me down being so dependent on others. I honestly can not go on like this for at least another 4-5 week, why or why was I so stupid enough to break my leg xx

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Hi how did you break your leg?

Last year I had the most horrendous fall and cracked my head on the house wall, had a huge haematoma on my thigh and how I didn't break anything the Lord only knows!!! x x x x


Jumped down from unit had lowered self so was only about 6inch from floor, but then landed over on ankle and twisted leg when stumbled x


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