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So down :(

I'm feeling so down at the mo ,every afternoon/eve been feeling really washed out for the past 4 days and every day its getting worse with fibro fog aswell .Imanage to be really positive most of the time but today i could just cry ! Going through a rough patch with my partner aswell so i am feeling really alone . I still manage to work part time but am seriously thinking about reducing my hours . It takes so much emotional effort to stay positive when i could so easily just fall into a heap and tell the world to leave me alone . Hope you are all feeling more positive than me at the mo x

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Hey hun, dont know you but I have certainly know that feeling. So send big gentle hugs, hope you feel brighter soon. Lou x


hi sorry you are felling so down. It doesent help having added stress with partner. sometimes a good cry helps, it releaved some tention. I to sometimes feel like curling into a ball and staying there. If i get that bad i take myself off to bed and sod everyone. I do hope you feel a bit brighter soon. soft hugs scrumie xx


hi larrisa sorry to hear ur so down i know the feeling its really hard to b positive wen u feel rubbish,please dont feel alone coz ur not i struggle every day just to function n ive got my elderly parents i look after aswell we rall in the same boat hunni take care n gentle hugs to u Tofty xx


Hello there Larissa, so sorry to hear that you feel so down. You are never alone here, we are all here for each other on good days and not so good days too. It's lovely having you here with us! It sounds like you are under enormous strain at the moment at home and at work, it's bound to catch up with you now and again. Please feel free at any time to chat in our lovely forum, we are all here to help and support each other. I was in a similar position to you, working too many hours and finding it very tough - if you are experiencing problems at home, it's a lot to deal with on top of Fibro too. Perhaps a visit to your GP might be a good idea, if you are feeling down they might be able to help you, to check your meds etc. I hope you feel better soon, please take care of yourself, gentle hugs heading your way from me :) :)


Sorry to hear you're having a hard time of it just now.

Take it easy xx hugs xx


Fibro is very tough to live with at times. But you are strong. You have the strength to carry on working, which is a huge achievement!

You are not alone - you have us. Keep reaching out to us and we will be your fibro sisters / brothers. Gentle hugs xx


Hi Larissa

I am feeling very down and depressed too. So I know how it feels.

I feel physically sick as soon as I get up in the morning.

I do not work, and I do not have a partner, nor any family or friends that call round or even phone much.

I feel desperately lonely and worried over how I am going to get out of this, before it gets any worse.

I've had this feeling before many times, and know all the signs and symptoms.

I cannot seem to motivate myself to do anything and spend my day on the computer usually on facebook, signing petitions and trying my best to help animals suffering.

It is not good to be alone all the time, so keep up with the part time job hours if you can, as it will give you something to focus on other than your problems.

If you can sit and talk with your partner about what's wrong or why you are having a bad patch that will be very helpful.

The day I had to give up work, was the beginning of a life which seems to have no real purpose.

Just hang on in there, and be strong as you can, it will get better.

If you love nature, as I do, then try and immerse yourself in that as it is very healing to the soul.

Hugs from Plumcake and her cat Tibby xxx >^-^<


thankyou all , you lovely people !

your support has really lifted my spirits and am thankfully back to being a lot more positive .

It takes a lot of work to feel happy all the time and carry on trudging through the day ! I think it just gets too

much sometimes but was thinking maybe therapy of some sort would help!!!??

Plumcake , i am so sorry you feel like this. Are there any support groups you can go to !? Also maybe your GP could suggest something xxxxxxx

l ove to all of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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