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Getting sacked !!

Hi everybody!

I am new to this site and new to FM only comfirmed two weeks ago. However I have been off work since Nov'11 ( I currently work for a local council in the housing section and have done for on & off for nearly ten Years) I attended my sickness review last week and have been told that I will be sacked in five weeks time regardless of applying for retirement on ill health, going to OH doctor tomorrow. I am really worried as the last time I see the OH dr she laughed when I mentioned FM and stated that I properlly would not even get sickness benifit or anythins and that I shoul look for work nearer to home. I cannot even walk properly to the corner shop let alone look for work. I am really struggling at the moment cannot get my head round all this just what to be normal again walk up the stairs without any pain, go to bed without feeling bad !!!!

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Sounds a bit quick to me - I've been off work since then too and I have attended 2 reviews with my manager, they are not talking about termination yet because there are a few more steps they need to make to avoid employment tribunal under grounds of disability. If they dismiss you - you may have a case and the you could ask them about making reasonable adjustments or suitable alternative employment before they dismiss you. If they don't follow the due process you will have a pretty straight forward case. But you need to take a grievance against them first. Get a union rep on your case.


Many thanks for your reply. Yes everyone is saying that it is very quick. My work has been told this and have had suggestions put forward to them but still they are gooing to sack me in 4 weeks time stating that I am incapable of doing my job. I have a trade unon rep and I have already put in a grievance last Dec'11 still being reviewed no outcome as yet. Trade union is going to ask for an indenpent dr to look at my case if I am refused ill health retirement.


Hi tenpen - I was told that I wouldn't get ill-health retirement. But if your grievance hasn't been heard yet, it is unacceptable and would only strengthen your tribunal case. Dismissing you on grounds of incapability without having considered or given you the opportunity to try alternative roles that exist or going part time etc. will (I think) give you a very strong tribunal case. Good Luck xx


hi hunny i think i would ask cab to look at it

as fare as i know i always thourt that you could not be sacked for being ill but that is just me

i think you should take independint advise over this mater

soft hugs to you and the best of look oh you will get help with the sosiol security


Hia so sorry what council doing !

Try acas and cab aswell and GP support.

Could they not make you redundant? Instead of sacking bit harsh!

But definately take tribunal since served nearly 10 yrs with them.

If one of my girls was ill with anything i would try co-operate and lighten the load. I am small business so not even as easy as council. They should be more than supportive to uou xxx goodluck


Dear Tenpen.

They cannot sack you without trying to make reasonable accommodation for you. You may have a case for compensation if they do not follow due process. Go and talk to Unison if you are a member. This also depends upon your terms of contract as to whether or not you are fixed term as opposed to permanent.

This is scaring me. I have an occupational health assessment on weds. I am wondering if they are going to go down the same route. I wonder if we work for the same council. I am an adoption manager and have been off since November.


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