Help, I am getting so muddled! Its been noticed at work - its getting worse

This is so frustrating. I am stressed because I am fearing for my job but my FM fog is making it worse! I wish this was funny but I could even hear myself speaking slowly and strangely when I had to ring someone I didn't know! FM is ruining my life! How can I support kids in class or even teach at home if I can barely keep a sentence together? My emails don't make sense either. So when I lose my job, how do I explain this to the Job Centre? I was in tears at work today because of everything.

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  • Hi Sarah-Jane,

    wish I knew something that would help you. Sadly stress makes our ability to communicate almost non existent. :-(




  • Hi Sarah-Jane,

    It is almost a catch22 situation. We become stressed and our speech degenerates we know what we ant to say but find betweeen mouth and thought there is a gap and the words seem to change around or we forget a important bit.

    I feel your frustration it is difficult to bear. I used to teach but I found some of the questions asked of me became too much for me to answer. I used to teach adults a certain amount for using latin names now I cannot get the common names out of my mouth and the latin seem be so garbled up, together ,aimlessly.

    Try not to stress on things that might happen wait and see how your world pans out, take care


  • go and see your gp and fibro consultant. maybe take your post with you.

    try to take a calming breath if you lose your words - even say "one minute" smile and wait. I do.

  • Hi Sarah-Jane

    I am so sorry that you are having this issue and I would like to tell you that you are not alone! I have been suffering from confusion for quite a few months now. I discussed the issue with my GP who gave me a 'Dementia' test. Fortunately she says I do not have dementia but that I do have a problem.

    I asked her if it was Fibro Fog and she said, 'Maybe, but it could also be related to my medications?' So I have undergone quite a few blood and urine tests and I am awaiting the results. So please discuss this matter with your GP and see what they suggest?

    I want to wish you all the best of luck with this.

    Ken x

  • Hi Sarah-Jane

    I can totally empathise with you. When I get tired or stressed my speech gets affected and my words get jumbled. I find it very frustrating. Definitely go speak to your GP. Like Ken said your medication may also be affecting this. Try not to panic about what may or may not happen. I have found the Disability Employment Adviser at my local job centre really supportive. Take care. X

  • A close friend of mine was nearly cured of her fibro after making some dietary changes and starting a vitamin regimen. See a nutritionist.

  • That's good news. I understood FM is incurable?

  • She has flare ups just like any other chronic condition but she has expressed to me that her quality of life and pain level is mostly under her control. Your not doomed if your willing to make necessary changes.

  • Hi Sarah-Jane ive just seen this post. I really feel for you. Its very frightening when the fog hits hard. Maybe your meds are making this worse. Also i think ken is right you should mention this to your gp.. are your employers understanding with you? Hugs xx

  • Hi Sarah-Jane, so sorry to hear that you're struggling at the moment. I'm a social worker and have similar problems, but I've discussed how I'm coping with my manager and she has been very supportive. You could ask to be referred to occupational health, as they can suggest any appropriate changes that could make things easier for you in work. Are you in a union? If so, give them a call to get some advice or if not, you could contact ACAS for free advice. You could also ask your GP to refer you to specialist cfs/fibro service to give you practical advice and support. I hope that's helpful and you feel better very soon. Big hugs x x

  • Thank you everyone. I have calmed down over Saturday, although today is not so good. I now hurt all over. I am going into work tomorrow but am thinking of seeing my doctor. Maybe I need to get signed off until this is resolved. I feel so stressed I think I cannot hold on much longer.

    Anyone know what benefits I can claim if I lose my job? I claim DLA which is £51 a week, but nothing for personal care as I am not in need. Goodness knows who else would employ me with such a track record. Could I claim unemployment benefit?

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