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Migraines getting worse :(

I have been having one a month which will last for 24-48 hours followed by a string of less severe headaches for several days. If I am lucky (odd thing to say I know), they will happen at the weekend so I dont lose any work time. Last night I was up from 1.00am to 6.30 am vomiting and really in pain. Took paramax which contains an anti sickness element but doesnt really help.

Does anyone have any suggestions of other tablets they have tried for this problem. I have had another day off work for this and feel really bad about it.

Thanks all :)


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Hi Marzy, I suffer with dreadful migraine headaches too so you have my heartfelt sympathy. I have tried a number of different meds over the years but the only one that works for me is sumatriptan. HOWEVER, you must consult with your GP if you decide to try this drug as it can interact with other Fibro meds if you are taking them. It is also quite expensive to buy over the counter so you would be better off getting it on prescription anyway. Unfortunately I can't take it at the moment because of my other Fibro medications but it might be suitable for you. I do hope that you manage to find something that helps. I will be really interested if you do find an alternative as it might be something I could try too! Keep us posted. Jane x


Thanks for replying.

I was also looking back at previous tags here for migraine. Some other meds mentioned that might be worth trying. I hate going to the docs so often, I hardly used to go from one year to the next and now its every few weeks or so :(

I will let you know if I discover a magic cure that works with other meds.

:) x


Hi there I used to suffer headaches 3 days out of every 7 the pain was every bit as bad as a migraine but without the flashing aura I usually get ... After nearly a year got referred to pain clinic where they found due to fibro my shoulder and neck muscles were spamming so much they were pinching a nerve in my neck and causing the headaches.. I am now given 3 monthly injections and my headaches have gone from one a week to one a year. And I think that was only because I had to wait 4 months instead of three once so the injection wore off.. Please see your gp and see if he will refer you to your local pain clinic... One lady I see their regularly has the injections in her head for migraine

Good luck

VG x


Spamming.... Grrrr spasaming damn iPad auto correct


Maybe you could ask your doc to refer you to hospital for checks...I had a scan for migraines that I used to suffer from..I used to take solfadine which did work quite well


Hi Martzy, I also get a lot of migraines & take Rizatriptan (Maxalt Melt oral lyophillisate) which I got from the doctor. They contain an anti sickness medicine too but are a wafer which melts in your mouth so you are less likely to be sick trying to swallow them.

Wishing you all the best.

Lenny x


hi , do you think your migraine could be related to menstruation ? i used to have awful migraines every month lasting 3 - 4 days . i also took Rizatriptan but found although they stopped thae headache i still ended up exhausted and fog bound. It may be worth noteing down migraine dates x


Strangely,considering the amount of painkillers I'm on, I fing that codeine works fairly well for me. I have very frequent migraines but despite several MRIs & various tests, they are unable to find a reason for their frquency & severity, so I've had to try to learn to live with it.

The old ideas certainly help; no caffeine, alcohol, cheese & chocolate ( I fail miserably abstaining from chocolate) also light intolerance - since I've been prescribed dark tinted glasses it's made a huge difference & of course relaxation. A word of warning though, if like me you use essential oils to help you relax, take notice of your headaches. I found there are a few oils that actually bring on or make my migraines worse. I also got referred to a homeopathic doctor on NHS & the tablets she gave me were really good but I can't remember the name.

Hope you find something to help your pain

cobweb x


Thank you all for your very useful answers. I will see doc about pain clinic/other meds. He is quite good and at least listens to me when I see him.

Its great all the info available on here. Thanks again everyone :)



I have had the neck pain and headache for over a week straight,tried stretching ect..last night i took paper towel and got some Vic's vapor rub on it and put it on the back of my neck and LITTLE bit on my forehead and i actually in time felt better last night,then today i wake up an neck still feels good,but i can tell its gonna come back i feel its on its im going to do it again before it gets me,to see if i found a solution..if you have sensitive skin dont use it,itll cause burning...Good Luck !!


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