Hi i have recently been diagnosed with fybromyalgia, my doctors have been utter rubbish and i have had to do a lot of self diagnosis for them to run tests.

Anyway i have failed my medical for esa again and i am on the third attempt of claiming dla. I cannot work, as much as i want to as the pain is so widespread now that i cant sit or stand for long and am awake most nights with the pain.

Where am i going wrongto claim dla, i have worked allmy life and paid into our wonderful system, but there just seems to be no help for me. Answers on a postcard lol.......ty for looking carrie

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  • Fill the form in as if it is one of the worsed days you could have. Keep a diary for a week of ALL the help you get from others .Keep a note of your mood changes and log them under depressiopn on the form. Lastley sent a list of the symptoms in with the form . Sorry about mistakes cannot seem to correct them.. Good Luck

  • thankyou very much i will do that

  • If I was you I'd seek help from a benefits support agency, CAB DIAL or similar . What you put on the forms makes all the difference in the world , even they way you phrase it.

    Sometimes getting how you feel and how things affect you , across to strangers on a form is almost impossible and these agencies have a wealth of experience .

    Good luck !


  • thankyou Helen x

  • i totally agree with Helen go to CAB who should have a benefits adviser and get them to fill in the forms with you as it is true that how it is worded helps and benefit advisers know exactly what to write on these forms good luck and let us know how you get on x

  • thankyou all so much for your advise. I will keep you informed xx

  • Hiya i have fibro really bad hun and i am unable to work, i have failed my ESA and my DLA but would like to say i have now got solicitors to fight my DLA and the benefit advice system are now filling in all my new forms for me again. Been fighting for my DLA since feb 2010, the worst thing about it all is i have a 9 yrs old who helps me and is my carer and he is showing the signs off it, but my mum has it also so really hard hun xxxx just keep fighting hun. xx

  • Forgot to say i have fibro, ostioartheriters in both kness, problem with my left shoulder and two discs that need to cum out in my neck cause i am havin loss of feelin and strength in my left arm, as well as a bad right hip as well as the fibro and i still can't get DLA. xxxx

  • what is wrong with the dla why cant tey see people are genuine its so wrong. You should alwys get help filling in the forms do not give uo good luckxxx was wondering if its a postcode lottery with the dla just a thought

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