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Hi everyone , I AM HOPING FOR SOME ADVICE ???? OOPS capitals !

I receive Dla for my fibro , which hasn't improved since I claimed , but many new symptoms / diagnosis's since .

About 9 mnths ago I had a breakdown and been diagnosed with PTSD and OCD.

Also I've had trouble with my ears and balance for about a year but as yet no diagnosis but am under ENT for this.

I also have Arthritus in the bottom of my spine and behind my left knee.

My leg also gives way without warning off and on and rheumy thinks its fibro related.

Lastly, I have reduced my working hours again due to feeling unable to cope with the hours I was doing.

My DLA is due to run out in sep and I am not sure weather to update them now or wait until sep when I need to claim PIP ?

Sorry for the long list of new symptoms but I thought of more as I went along ! Any advice gratefully received x

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Not sure if you are meaning your currently on dla and looking to reapply in readiness of September.

My understanding is that dla will send forms around 20 weeks before your current dla ends, also with either dla or pip claim forms. Some areas already gone to pip other up to 2015/16 before they do.

Sorry if misunderstood and therefore answered accordingly wrong.



Thankyou ,I am on Dla till sep but not sure wether I need to update them now or wait till my new form arrives x


Can it be updated? Do you mean reapply? Guess peoples circumstances change & need to claim for that if on lower awards... not thought of that way.



Hi Larissa

As far as I am aware (but I could be wrong?) you can try and upgrade your DLA components to a higher level but you cannot apply to go on to PIP earlier than they say that you can. As you will be contacted by the DWP when they are ready for you to apply for PIP (as far as I am aware).

I have pasted you the GOV.UK pages on PIP and DLA:

I want to wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



DLA will contact you 4-5 months before your current claim runs out, either to claim again or telling you that your new claim will be for PIP (Personal Independence Payment)


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