Exercise and Me, Or maybe not!

Hello everyone I am off to try Pillates this morning as I feel resonably well apart from wanting to go back to bed but it is Monday morning, dont know how this is going to affect my limbs but shall give it a go anyway wish me luck does anyone else find a particular form of exercise beneficial? Hope you all have a comfortable day Hugs x

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  • Hi sparkie, good luck hun. Let us know how you get on plz. hug & love to you. Helen xxx

  • Ouch that hurt only in some places though it wasnt too bad hopefully I wont suffer tomorrow as I find my body aches after doing anything physical thanks for your support Helen and hugs and love to you too x

  • Good luck Sparkie, exercise is great, it nearly always hurts afterwards but also it releases some of the seratonin we need to make us happier! Have a nice session...hopefully! xxxx :)

  • Hi Fibrodude well I have done it and am waiting on a blast of serotonin feeling rather pleased with my self as I have allowed fibro to dictate to me for too long. Positive thoughts and all that and thanks for your encouraging comment Sparkie xxxx

  • hi sparkie think your brill going to pillates, hope not to many aches and pains. I go swimming which i find helps and i have tried ti chi which i didnt get on with very well. you do everything very slow which i found caused more pain in my thighs. I used to enjoy taking bess our dog for walks when i could but we lost her last june. its not much fun on your own. take care xx

  • Hi Scrummie thankyou for your kind words it took a lot to go but i went with my neighbour who has encouraged me,I am in awe of you going swimming we are about to get a new pool here soon so may give it a go. Hows about getting a wee dog then you can go out walking again and you wont feel lonley doing so Ugs to you xx

  • well done sparkie13. I always feel better the day after I do my tang soo do (korean karate).

    oh Scrumie I totally feel for you. My instructor got us to slow our moves down the other day. It really hurt my thighs


  • Thanks and well done to you for doing Tai Chi x

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