Weàther or whether or not!

Do we all who live in UK like to moan/comment on the weàther?

Just recently, whether or not you are a temperature and rainfall watcher like me,the changes from warmish sunny to somewhat cooler and damp have affected me.

Windy? I have hearing aids so not keen on whistling noises!

Raining? Need hood up on coat and back to hearing aids picking up head movements on hood!

Reflecting that nothing is perfect but purr fect! Nasty weather the question then is whether to allow the dogs who alternate between snoring and making purring noises on my pouffe or go into the kitchen to make food!

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  • Moaning about the weather is a national pastime, be proud of it, I don't like really hot days prefer the Autumn and semi hibernate in the Winter, Spring its allergy time, generally we don't have to wait too long for weather to suit as it changes by the hour here. xx

  • I am very glad I have climate to complain about.My youngest lived in Singapore for a while and actually missed commenting on weather! There were no great seasonal changes and predictable rain patterns.I will have GB weather any day!

  • Me too x

  • I would like a bit of sun not too hot just lovely and warm that I can relax and then I will purr.

  • Definitely a national pass time. I love nice warm sunny days myself which we do not get enough of.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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