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Every step felt ouch !!! ouch!!! ouch !!!

Just been for a little wander in some fresh air , I don,t know what is wrong with my feet these days, in a morning they feel like theyv'e been crushed in the night. After I have been up a few hours they feel like the soles of my feet are burning and tingling. Along with the pain in my hips and the feeling that I have been kicked in the buttocks this makes for not a nice stroll. Any one else getting this and has anyone any tips.......I have gone to extra supported shoes and arch rocker trainers but not really finding that much of a difference. I soo soo used to love walking in my previous life I miss it soooo much...xx

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Fibro is a bitch isn't it?

Julie xx


yes have this problem too feel so hard and horrible and have to use insoles and even they do not always work!

Julie says it in one !

xxxx my bum feels the same on everything i sit on i put my elbows on anything or arms it feels like i have no sort of cushioning support ..

i canot seem to write anymore either i have to do it funny as it hurts all the bones .

fibro is nasty viscious thing how so cruel it can be to us lovely ppl xxxxxxxxxxx cazzie xx


I know the feeling , my feet hot burning , my achilles in left foot gone, back gone,hip and after a ride in a army truck every muscle hurts , trying to amuze my 7 year old ,so hard to hide the pain . Hope your soon better


My feet have become amazingly sensitive with Fibro, so I understan the ouch!


I have exactly the same problem with my feet. I used to love taking our dog for long walks but can only manage 20 mins now because of the pains in my feet. It feels like my bones are made of glass and they are being crushed with every step. That along with the pains in my hips and lower back don't make walking fun. Recently my arms have become very painful so even driving is agony. I think fibro wants to keep me prisoner but I refuse and will keep fighting !


Hi i have been having problems with my knees and feet , a few month with my feet knees have only just started, a few weeks ago . The pain in my feet is like walking on small stones my heels are the worsed i feel like walking on tip toe i take alot of pain killers but they ay take the pain away is so severe i could cry and that just not my im not like that so i know what your going through but i havent got any tips for you sorry xxxx


Hi all Thanks for exchanges, Lifes a bitch with Fibro for definate, I have just got some of them arch rocker trainers to see if they make a difference to my burning painful little feet...coz I do love a little wander in the fresh air whenever it is possible. Know what you mean about the bum pain fairycazzie I've been getting that recently too....feels like someone had a sly kick while I wasn't looking.. Oh .....this is a great life if you don't let it get to you.. Never saw this coming when I was a kid dreaming of when I grew up....xx..I suppose its just another part of my anatomy to be FIBRO'D . As with everything else...I suppose I will come to get used to it......Think I'd better start saving for one of them scoots....Coz there's no way I want to stop getting this bum out and about no matter how painful...Hugs all round.....x


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