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Sleep - a natural law of nature...but not for me :-(((

I have felt so sorry for everyone who can't sleep as I found Amitrypteline completely knocked me out. HUH !!!!!!!!

I couldn't believe how much sleep I was getting, but Fibro decided to stick it's ugly head in and gave me such bad flushes I have to take a towel to bed with me to mop up my perspiration ( I'm a lady so don't sweat LOL )

I feel as though I have a fever and wake up around four times in the night wet through and usually very cold too.

I can't stand being too hot as heat brings on the flushes and there is nothing anyone can do for GP just feels sorry for me...

Thanks for my moan

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Aw :( That sounds horrible for you. Is there nothing your GP can do at all?

Take care xx


Hi renrobin,

I had the same problem as you about 9 month back,

went to my gp i spoke him round to give me HRT but a small dose

1mg and voila the fushes have stopped, night and day flushes i may


I thought it was all my medication but no i also take amatriptiline, i had

always been anti HRT but its working for me i bought the magnet that used to help

but stopped and health shop stuff but was no good. :) anne xx


I came off HRT because I was starting with the hot flushes anyway ( and had been on it for 10 years ) - so my doctor gave me Clonidine which helped for around 2 weeks before they started again.

I can sometimes get the flush every 10 - 15 mins.

I had some Premarin HRT left so I'm on them again - only started taking them two days ago so can't tell yet whether they work but I'm so desperate...

I would so love to talk to someone who has gone down the Natural route for Fibro as I'm on a cocktail of drugs and don't know what they are doing to my system.

Thank you for replying, I hate being like this and just want to be



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