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difference between IB and ESA?

I am getting more and more confused each day. Is there a simple explanation of the difference between them that my 60yr old befuddled brain could understand?

I've been on IB for ten years, about to have an assessment sometime soon, and my husband's income has never been taken into account. But will it be taken into account if I'm awarded ESA instead? Also what happens about National Insurance contributions if my benefit is cut and I have to go to appeal? I need the contributions for the next two years to get my full state pension.



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esa as taken over from ib and there are 3 of them .

1. contribution were you get it for a year its job related and you get it for a year and then you have to go on unemployment benafit were stamp is paid .

2. income based were if your husband works part time you are means tested and thats for a year .

3. support were its paid indeffinate and your stamp is paid .

its almost impossible to get on the support esa xx


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