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ESA assessment

How will I know what group I will be put into ?

I had an assessment and since then have recieved 3 x identical letters stating that I am on contributions based benefit which is being increased in April. With each of the identical (no wonder there is no money for benefits!) letters, there was a fact sheet regarding appeal process. Totally confused ......

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Thanks Chris. Think will give them a ring tomorrow.


lol they are a law unto themselves lol i always seem to get a letter 3 x days in a row normally saying ignore the previous letter so hopefully you will get what you deserve love to you diddle x


Just remember if you are awarded contribution based ESA you will only get it for one year, you then either have to try for income based ESA or some other benefit if you meet there guidlines.

My ESA stops at the end of April all this thanks to our "wonderful government" LOL


I feel cheated - i only got TWO identical letters ;)

Seriously, so long as you don't get a letter saying that you have to attend work focused interviews, you can assume you are in the support group.

Watch out for what comes in the post though.


I 'phoned the number on the letter and was left hanging on for 10 minutes. Couldn't hold on any longer so just put the 'phone down. Haven't bothered to ring since. The letters would appear to be coming on a weekly basis. Really

gets me mad, the total waste of money. If THEY want to give me a job, give me one of theirs, I am sure I could do it much better even in my situation.


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