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Transfer from IB to ESA

Has anyone managed to get put in support group under Regulation 29 Substantial Risk with Fibromyalgia as the 'specific disease or disablement'?

Just wondering if a letter from my GP stating that the stress of having to work 5 days a week or go to interviews etc would make me more ill. I have my ATOS assessment on Tues 31st and I cannot sleep or eat due to the stress of this never mind anything else. Very low and can't get doctors appointment until tomorrow, and that is just a telephone appointment.

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i did not get in support group i am in work related and i am not pleased xxx


me too. appealing. dont expect a miracle though.


Sorry to hear that Rosehip.

Did you take/send a doctors letter? are you going to appeal?


I got into WRAG with 17 points on appeal failed Atos with 0 points, that was based on my mental health not my fibro !


Hi Kizzie,

No, I got transferred to the WRAG group, but please try not to worry if they do this. You are not expected to then work 5 days a week.

All you will have to do is see an adviser (or have a phone call) once every 6 weeks or so, for a total of six sessions I think. The purpose of this is to see how your condition is affecting you over a period of time. (Which in some cases then means they transfer you to support group.)

I actually asked for a work related interview (rather than wait for them to make me one) and met with a very nice lady in the job centre who told me not to jump straight in and make my health worse!!

My adviser explained the purpose of my meetings with her was to assess my condition, and see if I was able to try anything such as college/voluntary work/permitted work - even just an hour or two a week - without that affecting my benefits. I am actually starting college in September anyway, and am bricking it that I won't be able to manage that, but she said that was a great start, and not to try to take on more than that until I know if I can manage the course.

Try not to worry too much if they put you in ESA WRAG group, as it isn't the same as being put on to Job Seekers. ESA recognises that you have ill health and may not in fact be able to work, but offers support if you do want to try something, but certainly won't force you too.

You may be put in Support Group, but this is unlikely to start with as Fibro is a complicated condition which affects different people in different ways, and for some people can improve.

Take things one step at a time - just focus on getting through the ATOS assessment first. Have you asked for someone who is knowledgeable in Fibro to be the one assessing you? Because you are entitled to ask for that.

Also, record the meeting if you can, and/or take someone with you, and try not to think further than that yet. I know it's hard, but worrying about things that haven't happened yet will only make you unwell. I've spent most of my life doing that and suffered badly as a result!!

The DWP should have already requested info from your doctor - maybe ask him/her about that when you speak tomorrow? Adding a letter in support certainly can't do any harm though.

Good luck with everything hun xx


do you know kizzie you just made me feel so much better. i do 2 hours voluntary work per week any way. cant handle any more but at least i try. thank you for that post its made me feel less terrified.


I was migrated from IB to ESA in June, when I was told I was in the Support Group. I didn't even have to see anyone, and I'm pretty sure that was because my GP wrote me a fantastic supporting letter, which I sent with my ESA50. I've asked them for form ESA85a, which details why I was put in the SG, and how long for.

I'm a member of other forums, and they say that it's best to tell them before your meeting, that you want it recorded. They'll try and put you off, but stick to your guns, and your meeting date will be changed, as there are only 11 recording machines for the whole of the country! Anything they tell you, ask them to confirm it in writing e.g. they say your 31st date is cancelled, get it in writing.

We have to play them at their own game, to get what we're entitled to, and it stinks, grrr.

Good luck!


hi what reg 29 substuntial rist keep smiling dave


Many thanks for replies :) AuroraA, the reason I am desperate to be put in the support group is because it is not time limited. If I am put in WRAG then I will only have it for 1 year (think I am correct in saying that?) I will not be entitled to income related ESA as my husband works. I have had fibro for over 4 years now and have gradually got worse.



Reg 29 Substantial Risk means that if it applies to you then you will be found to have limited capability for work and will be placed in support group.

You have to show that you have a specific disease or disablement and then that there would be a substantial risk to you if you were found not to have limited capability for work. For example would the exertion of going to work five days a week lead to a serious deterioration in your health.


where can i find reg 29 keep smiling dave


Hi dave,

If you follow this link you will be on the right page of the Fibro Action main site. Under resources, you will find the link to 'benefits and work' and this is where you will find a wealth of info on benefits and how they help people to fight for them, including regulation 29.

If you find that there is anything you cannot access because you are not a member, you don't need to go the expense of joining, as FA has a professional membership.

All you need to do is copy and paste the particular page the info you want is on into an email to FA, describing the document you want, and they will email the info back to you.

Hope that helps you and anyone else interested

happy hugs, kate :)


i was taken off in january after medical transfer from ib to esa going to appeal so would be interested in regulation 29 as working would aggravate my tenosynovitis even if my fibromyalgia settled down. Try not to stress too much i know it is not easy fingers crossed for you

take care lesley


If you are a member of Benefits and Work website you will find info there.

Think admin here might be able to help with that because FibroAction is a professional member.


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