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gonna hurt in the morning

today i spent 3 hours in our horses paddock doing fences and poo picking old field ready to move them back into their own paddock(with phil,not on my own)

got home and 1 of the dogs had just done a poo in the garden but it was black so had to rush her to vet(hoping just a bug).

hands are now swollen, hip is really hurting but think the real pain will kick in in the morning,so laying on the bed watching fa cup final(being a chelsea fan) relaxing andf although i know ive done too much it made me feel good getting it out of the way

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Hubby s watching his beloved liverpool on the big screen and VERY vocal lol!



is he crying?


Angie that brought back memories of when our Daughter had ponies and then Horses, loved them to bits but all that mucking out etc I could not do that now.


Sue x x x


Ouch Angie, you certainly are a glutton for punishment doing all that in one day. Get the painkillers down you to take the edge off the pain and I hope you wont feel too bad tomorrow. I suppose thats one of the drawbacks of having horses as pets, despite how you are feeling they still have to be looked after. Lovely to have them though.

Anyway, take care and have a restful day tomorrow. Love Angela xx


Hi Just read your post of yesterday , yours is the first i have replied to , some one after my own heart i have 2 horse and 2 mini shetlands and 3 dogs , i do all that plus i try to ride as well , which is not not always possible. i have just swapped horse with my daughter for her old boy so i can still go out and enjoy the riding . I have a good man in my life who tries to help, but i am not a person who can not ask for help. the day i have to give my horse up is the day i will give up on life. Keep on going