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Morning everyone!!!

Morning everyone, what an end to my week and a start to my week off with my children. Whilst getting dressed on Friday morning i managed to pull the muscle in my right shoulder, the pain was so bad i had to go to hospital, who have put me on paracetamol, nurofen and diazepam 3x a day. The pain has eased but still feel like i have been run over by a truck but on the plus side for the first time in months i have slept for more than the usual couple of hours a night, i have actually managed a whole 8hrs only waking up the once!!!!!! I am assuming its the diazepam thats done it, whilst i know it can't be taken long term due to its addictive effects, however this may be a short term solution to the worst of my sleepless nights which in turn might help during my flare gonna talk to the doc about it and see what they say??

Just wanted to share this news as who knows it might help....?? I hope so.

hugs to you all and wrap up warm...xxxxxxxxxx

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Hope you have an easier day today!!! gentle hugs xx


morning to u xx hope ur pain eases :) i am seeing my doc about new meds this wk and they include diazepam & gabapentin hope they help me too :) thinking i might try & do a plan for the wk so i get some rest its gonna be hard with schools on holiday ! (((hugs))) to u too xxx


Hi issylot,

I hope your shoulder doesnt take too long to heal.

I have asked my gp for diazipam for my legs at night but i am going to a cfs clinic on the 12th so she said to wait and see what they say, (thanx, i wonder if she would wait 2 weeks more of agony ehh). lol.

Take care, kel xxx


sorry you been in pain but then you got some sleep awful way to get sleep though on those tablets but hay ho if it works short term why mnot love to you diddle x


thanks guys, have to say thought i was using zoplicone to try and get a decent nights sleep but the side effects the next day were terrible, is took most of the day before i felt with it, the diazepam has been helping me sleep through the night and although i am still tired and ache (probably from the months of non restorative sleep) the side effects aren't nearly as bad.....awful as it is to need drugs to get any sleep have to say it was a blessing in disguise....but definately only a short term doing best to get through on as little meds as possible........thanks alot for the support though...hope you've all had fab weekends and the pain wasn't too bad..xxxxxxxxx


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