Has anyone tried the natural remedy 5htp?

Hi all, I was researching something yesterday and came across reviews on a natural supplement called 5htp. Users rave about it for use in a variety of conditions including fibro and depression. They apparently work by producing extra serotonin which is what we fibro sufferers don't produce enough of. Have any of you tried it?

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  • no but sounds interesting x

  • Lolly, its all very well with these "wonder supplements" but they can be very expensive and not beneficial I think I would be talking to my GP and get their thoughts.

    Hugs x x x x

  • It didnt do anything for me.

  • I have tried it and found it very helpful.It is an amino acid that can be obtained from any protien food, particularly turkey and tuna. So its not like taking a medication its very natural. Its not a "wonder supplement". Its not cheap but neither is it over the top expensive. About £15 for months supply

  • I'm going to give it a go. I've read loads of reviews and the vast majority are positive so its got to be worth a try for a month. I'm struggling with the amiltryptiline as I find I can't function at work the day after, this stuff is supposed to aid sleep too so maybe its a natural alternative. I'll let you know how I get on:-) x

  • Good luck with it - I hope it works well for you xx

  • Best of luck - but don't use it if you are already taking anti-depressants.

  • let us know how you get on with them lolly - I much prefer to have natural stuff than drugs.

    I seem to have a low tolerance for chemicals lol

    Lindz xx

  • I've not tried that one but have tried Cherry Active and that has helped with stress levels and is slightly improving my sleep at night. It's just taken as a cordial mixing with 8 parts water.

    Good Luck with whatever you try.


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