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Well ive finally done it !

Well as i have spent a fe months thinking about it i have decided to write a book on my experiences so upto now the title is called "fibromyalgia and the light at the end of my tunnel" but this could change if some one else has all ready got this title.

theres about 7 chapters upto now but i have only writen the first 10 pages upto now.

I want to see if a publisher will take it up but since i hav never wrote a book before i can see many revisions as trying to remember all what i have been through and have already sent leeters to mygp an phyiso for their permission to write about them and will let them see it before it gets published so no legal wrangles .

i hope that when i have finished this book i would like to put a section on this book on here so you guys can have a look and let me know who you feel .

Well better get back to writing all i can say dougnuts and coffee yummy wilst doing this means iam bound to put weight on lol


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Hope you can get it published n well done - will look forward to reading it xxxx I have written some short stories for children aged 5-8 but dont know what to do to try to get them published - hope you get permission xxxxx mystique xxxx


"fibromyalgia and me" or "fibromyalgia, my hidden battle" or "fibromyalgia, inside out"


Love the "Fibromyalgia, inside out" title Nadine, brilliant! :)


, wow great titles nadine,

Mystique try sending them to publishers but remember they might revise them as its bound to happen when you first start off( I sound like an expert lol) I've been in touch with a few and they have asked me to finish the book and then submit a draft and since it's a no time limit and there spending no money they got nothing to loose.


Thankyou all so much will try them sometime hugs to all xxxx


Fantastic idea Whiterabbit, keep us informed of your progress with your book! :)


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