Keep getting pains in my feet/hip/legs An the pain shift from one side to the other An every time I apply too much weight on my hips they give in an even when I turn I get pulse pain which shoots up my legs An hips an it affects my ability to walk an move properly An the pain doesn't go which is really frustration ps it all started with the bottoms of my feet as I work long hours on my feet as a green keeper I used to get home An sit for a while An find that after 5 minutes of sitting down when I did stand I couldn't walk as I had a amense pain in the bottoms of my feet which made me limp in pain

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  • Pretty sure I have sciatica

  • Hi, I also suffer with psoriasis and have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have the same symptoms as you. Its very hard to live with, as the pain and aching can be severe. Some days i wake up with a radiating pain in my lower back that radiates through to my stomach, it lasts for hours. Its a nasty pain and I thought i had cancer.

    if you havent seen a doctor or physio yet, then you should so you can rule things out. My physio was brilliant and did more than my doctor did. in fact she got me the referral to the rheumatologist at the hospital. Psoratic arthritis has been ruled out for me although im not convinced i dont have it.

    I have very low vitamin D levels, some inflammation of the lower spine and some wear and tear in the vertebrae of my neck ( old injury ) I have seen 2 rheumatologists and one told me that he thought the nerve was being compressed in my neck and that was causing some of my problems.

    When my pain has been at its worst, ive had bone pain in my legs and arms and the vitamin D levels were at the lowest ever.

    Wish i could be more help, the only tablets that seem to do anything for my aches especially for my shoulder is ibuprofen. Ive got a heap of other drugs but they dont really do much for me. The only other thing that helped was changing my shoes to open style flatter sandals with very cushioned soles, this seemed to take some pressure off my legs and spine.

    Hope you can find some answers and get sorted soon xx

  • Thans you for your advice just so fed with this condition had to sign myself of work due to the ememse pain for 4 months An has to claim esa which was what £145 every two weeks which was crap especially when I was earning over £1300 a month then was asked to attend for a physical examination in Balham was seen by a nurse not even a specialist An had to endure unrelated tests which hed nothing to do with my condition an after 4 days some Edited By Admin called me an stopped my money so now I've been forced to work again even tho I can't walk properly anymore lol ps I even told them do you think I enjoy living on only £145 every two weeks when I was earning well over £1300 when I was working

  • Hi, there are so many things that could be causing your symptoms. Have you got a vascular problem ?

    Have you had any scans, xrays or mri scans ?

    what tests have you had ?

    have you ever seen an osteopath, i have some months ago and i did get some relief for a while but cant afford treatment now.

    Yes living off little money just makes matters worse.

    have you been tested for psoratic arthritis ?

    I hope you dont have fibro, i hope its something else and you might have a ray of hope in getting sorted.

    Im sending good healing thoughts your way, have a good night and remember there are lots of helpful people on here that can offer advice on dealing with pain, im still fairly new to this and i havent found a good way of coping with mine yet, but if its the last thing i do, i will find something even if it means baking some special cakes lol.

    tc for now xx

  • Definitely going to book a appointment again as I know there's something wrong An my doctors seem to think it's something different I mean at first I thought I had a trapped nerve then I looked up my systems An thought I had sciatica not sure but I will get to the bottom of this as it's really annoying I feel like a old man at 31 lol

  • First got psoriasis now I have psoriatic arthritis what's next lol ps I'm only so many drugs I could honestly open up my own drug store

  • Thank you for your reply I know how you feel i had to call in work An tell them that I couldn't come in this morning because my feet were so tender I mean as soon as I applied pressure on the bottoms of my feet I had to sit down but the weird thing is my toes are tingling same as my little finger on the right side of my body an this feeling along with the pain can last for days or hours at times An then there's my hip lol some times it's just sore an other times it just give in haha I'm falling apart

  • You got got Fibromygia my son get you self diegnosed and get the correct medication look up the net NHS choices good luck

  • Going to book a appointment again for today if possible as I woke up this morning tried to stand An had to sit down straight away due to the pain in the bottoms of my feet which only seem to cause me pain as soon as I apply pressure to it but the weird thing is my right foot An my right little finger are both tingling an my right hip I has gone completely ps it's weird it's never both sides at once it's either one side or the other never both at once don't get it?

  • Brad hello again Let me tell you that Fibromygia can affect any part of the body , some days my feet are so bad I can't walk , other days it will be feet and legs and the worse days is pain everywere Fibromygia is weried and can affect you even if it's only your finger tips There are plenty of members on this foram with serious fibro why will advise you just ask Good luck

  • The symptoms you've described are exactly what I keep getting but the weird thing is the pain got so bad I had to call a ambulance as I couldn't move at all well not without screaming in agony so the paramedics came An helped me downstairs with the aid of gas an air An was later diagnosed with having sciatica which is annoying as I've already got psoriasis an psychiatric arthritis an plantar fasciitis lol

  • I can see your You suffering Brad When got pian so bad I can't handle it I just double up on pain killers .I feel for you Brad I think you've got learn how to handle it some how ?Mypain tonight is awfull Good luck Brd .

  • I know how you feel An at time you can't even sleep because no matter how you lay your so uncomfortable due to the pain that at times it makes it impossible which is very frustrating arrrggggghhh ps was thinking of getting some medical marijuana from my gp but I'll have to apply for a card which I'll enquirer about when I go see him on Monday

  • I think that's only for people who have MS Brad Iv tried

  • Dammit lol

  • You can get CBD oil or captcuils but all it Dora's is make yousleep

  • Really honestly hope not as I've already have psoriasis an psoriatic arthritis

  • well came home after work was laying down for 20 minutes An found that I couldn't move at all so I called a ambulance an they had to help me downstairs while giving me gas an air as I couldn't move due to the pain An was later diagnosed with having sciatica

  • Hi Brad1986

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have pasted for you below a link to our mother site, FMA UK which hosts loads of useful Fibro information:

    I am so genuinely sorry to read of how you are suffering and struggling, and I sincerely hope that your pain eases soon for you. What you have described does sound a great deal like sciatica to me. I would definitely get it checked out just to have other medical conditions ruled out of the equation. Many Fibro sufferers have secondary or even third tier conditions, and this could be the case for you?

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you for replying I will defiantly get To the bottom of this problem as I'm so tired of this condition controlling my life

  • Good luck my friend.

  • who what's to swap body's lol

  • Wants stupid phones lol

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