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To work or not to work, but I'm in so much pain!!!!!

I too am waiting to visit the pain clinic. Only been a couple of months wait so far.

I'm in agony every single day. My husband is brilliant but all he keeps on about is that I must go to work, find a job etc. how, where will I find a job I'm 50 yrs old and walk with aids, so tell me who is going to offer me a job?

I suffer every single day with pain, I do receive DLA but only after 2 appeals 2 Tribunals and an ATOS medical. Stressful unbelievable. Please help me explain to my hubby that working is not on my agenda right now.

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I do feel for you as the last thing on your mind is work as you brain is to foggy to contemplate it when it flares.

Pain clinic is going to take its toll on you so Go to your Doctor an get him to sign you off as you wont cope with it at the moment.

Tell hin to read some of the letters on here and then ask him how can you work?

Good luck and Kindest regards



But will I be entitled to receive sick money as I receive DLA? I think I need to see job centre will they know or have any answers for me? I'm not sure if you can havev2 benefits sick and DLA ?


You can claim DLA whether in work or out of work.. In fact you MAY be entitled to more or a higher payment of some benefits if you receive DLA.

Hope that helps

VG x


Hi VG,

I don't understand? I get middle care at the moment but if I stop work I think they told my carer hubby I would get high care if I wasn't able to work. Is that what you mean?

But am I entitled to claim sick benefit because who would pay my NA stamp if I had to give up work?


DLA is not affected by whether or not you work. Though if you are able to work outside of the home without help, they might question whether you need help for mobility reasons. But plenty of people work and get DLA.


Hello Lucyw,

Sorry to hear your pain experience has increased so much you are unable to work now.

I would consider mentioning these symptoms to your GP so he/she can prescribe something to ease the pain.

If you would like to read, download or print the Factsheets about Fibro from the FibroAction website which cover symptoms, it's treatments etc, please see link below;

They may be handy to take with you to your GP at some point.

Can I provide you with these link to CAB which may help with the question about Statutory Sick Pay,

Best Wishes



I emailed for the benifts info this morning, got it by this afternoon, may i say its well worth the email. Very informative indeed, Im going to def use it for my DLA forms. great link Emma, I cant thank you emough.

XX Shelley


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