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Is it worth going out?

My social life was never that great anyway but has gradually dwindled over the past few months. I have the fatigue and brain fog from Hughes and fibro so feel half dead most of the time and everything is such an effort.

Shopping trips have been a no-no for quite a while, although hubby will take me for short ones if need to, but I do try and meet up with my two friends once a week for coffee or lunch sometimes including a trip to the swimming pool or a short walk if I'm up to it.l but sometimes I don't even feel like doing that and have to make myself.

I get great enjoyment from my kindle books and audio books, my tapestry (when shoulders working) and watching TV and sometimes think it would be easier just to stay indoors and do these, but don't want to become a hermit!!!


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Hi Caroline, im the same. Since having fibro i carn't stay in shops for long. Some times i just have to leave the shop. I meet friends twice a week too. And i am the same have to force my self. I also read alot. Well when ive not got the brain fog. I think it would be quite easy to become a hermit. And thats why we have got to make sure we dont. How long have you had fibro for hun ?? Big hug & much love. Helen xxx


Do bright lights affect you when you are out they do me and I can't stand noisy crowded places either, I do go out but other than meeting up with friends I don't go out shopping for the sake of it I neither have the energy or interest since having chronic conditions, I like my own 4 walls.

Hugsxxxx Sue


hi well that sounds about the same as me go o towm with my daughtrers/sister/nieces and meet up with my best friebnds nra=erl every week somthat all helps us doesnt it you keepit up just do what you can love to you diddle x


Yes of course, but i do know the hermit feeling. i just dont have the energy any more. just getting ready to go out seems to much of an effort.

( Straightening the hair, the make up, the nails, heels.) oh give me my trackie any day. but i think a change now and again does us good.

Hubby wants us to go to see Marley at the cinema, we r both huge fans. Hubby wants to make a night of it, meal before and a few drinks after, oj for me. i know will struggle with the city on a sat night, the crowds the noise, no where to sit, lol i am turning into my mother.

The late night will also be a killer, But i really feel like i need to push my self and live a little. Most prob fall asleep in the cinema lol. Whatever you decide have a good time.

Lou x


Dear all

It seems we all feel this way. Hermits are crabs & we don't want to be known as crabby! Make the effort & go, try & enjoy what you can, while you can. We all need to "live" a little. Don't want to sound morbid at this time of night ,(no morning, it's now 2-30am) but those 4 walls will turn into 4 sides of the coffin one day, Hopefully way way from now!

Sorry if that was a bit strong, probably the lack of sleep & frustration talking.

Have a good time! xx


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