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really fed up today !!!!!!

hi there never posted before but really need some advice i was diagnosed three years ago with fybro and seem too be getting worse i cant sleep have no energy too do anything and have a constant numb feeling in my arms and all my doctor will give me is ibuprofen and paracetamol im really strugglng too cope and at my wits end i feel like i cant talk to people about my illness cause i dont look ill they seem too think im making it up,just feel really depressed and dont know what too do :(

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Is there another doctor at the practice you can see ?

I can't take most pain killers so I'm stuck with paracetamol and ibuprofen too and it's not really that effective for me either . I have stomach and bowel problems so it isn't easy to find something that doesn't aggravate those, but if you haven't then there are more effective things your GP could prescribe .

Were you diagnosed by a rheumotologist ?

You could ask to be referred to a pain clinic and also ask for some therapy which may help.

Most people look at us and see perfectly healthy looking individuals so the reaction you're getting is common , I think it's really hard for people to get their heads round Fibro when there are no obvious physical disabilities and it's something we all come across at times. I'm lucky to have a very understanding partner and sons but the rest of my family don't really get it , and most friends have drifted away over the years as I'm unable to do the social activities I used to and was forever having to let them down .

We DO understand here though , so keep posting .


Helen xx




I was in the same situation a while ago , I changed gps and got some different meds, they havent helped but at least Im listened to, and she sorted out an urgent appointment for a rhuemmy, hope you soon get sorted


hi and welcome to the site iwould go back to your doctor with a list of all the things thare wrong and tell him you think you have fibromyalgia and would like to be refereed to a rheumatologist and if he/she does not agree with you and you are not happy go to the reception when you come out and ask to see the practic manager or get another appointment with another doctoe hope you you get on ok and let us know how you go love diddle x


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