a bit better today

dont worry i havnt gone into remission over night lol :-D

i felt so awful last night i really thought i would have an awful night but it wasnt too bad :-D

cant say im pain free but atleast i dont feel like i did yesterday

which is always a bonus

hope everyone else is ok today (as much as we can be )

soft hugs to all and tc xxxxx :-D :-D

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  • Glad you are feeling ok at min! you never know do you how one hour to the next we are gooing to be ! never mind you feel ok at min so all good. enjoy your day and long may your remission last love to you Diddle x

  • Hiya hun, glad you had a decent-ish night. I slept like a log. Not sure how a log sleeps mind you :) I'm very stiff on a morning when I wake up and for a couple of hours but I've started turning my computer on with my big toe now :) :) cos I can't bend down to do it.

    So glad you don't feel as bad as you did yesterday. Now don't overdo it today!!

    I've got an 11 month little girl for 9 hours today.

    Gentle hugs xxxx

  • Good Morning Lynz :)

    Glad you are having a good day, I know how it feels when a good day comes along especially after having so many bad days, Lets hop you have alot more :)

    Take it easy and dont overy do it :)

    CHORLEY :) x

  • thank you everyone :-D and chorley do you like my smiley haha

  • Ok Lynz very good..... go on tell us all how you did it LOL

  • OK i do like your smileys, do you like mine ??

    :P :O :D

  • my daughter helped me ,but now you are just showing off lol :-D :)

  • :-P

  • nahnahnahnah! :-D :-P :-O

  • i worked that out all by myself HA !

    my daughter will be sooo proud lol

  • i cant rememer what i did now hahahahaha

  • weel i will reighn supreme as the queen of smilies haha

  • Yeh Yeh OK if you say so :P :D :)

  • :p :x

  • now that is really really showing off lol :-P

  • Morning lynz so pleased you feel abit better today hun. :)

    kel xxx

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