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Hi havent posted for awhile but for those that know me or anyone else heres just a little update.im at a very low point in my life right now 5weeks ago i had a double knee artharoscopy well to say my recovery is slow is an understatement im totally dependant on crutches as both knees take it in turns to buckle i have to use a wheelchair when i go out as i cant walk far this is just to add to my fibro,eds,hypermobility,arthritus,cervical and lumber spondylosis,ibs,depression,anxiety,myalgia parasethia this is to name but a few.im so fed up hubby and i moved into a bungalow 6wks ago to help with my daily living im getting very frustrated and sad as i cant do anything my hubby is trying to do it all,go to work,look afterme,decorate,cook,clean.sorry for the long post had to get it off my chest as im feeling so down life is so cruel.take care all joanne x

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  • Sorry 😔

  • Hun I am so sorry that you are having such a hard time :( Is there anything that I can do to help cheer you up? Have you got any hobbies etc that can help distract you? 💜

  • Im fed up of being stuck indoors all day on my own,i could do with finding someone to take me out or a befriending service

  • That sounds like a good idea is there anything in your area that you can join? Xxx

  • I am so sorry. I hope something happens to make you feel better. A Doctor that tries something new perhaps.

  • Ive just moved so joined a new doctors got a double appointment aweek on friday,hope he can help as my last gp told me there was nothing else he could do for me

  • Keeping everything crossed for you.

  • I.m shocked to hear you had both knees done at once, thats unusual- are you having physio? Are your bandages off yet? Maybe ask about hydrotherapy if its possible..

  • No not having physio was just given 3to do before i was discharged,bandages off and stitches dissolved,dont think we have hydrotherepy where we live

  • hELLO again joed can I ask where you live in the Country your NHS seems "bobbins" have you seen your consultant since your op? Ask about hydro I had to travel 18 miles to my first pool sessions but I,ve never loooked back.

  • Hi im from coventry.i have a 6wk checkup with my surgeon next thursday

  • HI Joanne glad you posted and share how you are felling you've just had both knees done so with your other conditions going on I'd say you've every rite to feel the way you do. Moving is a big thing as well, hopefully on the plus side I live in a bungalow not havin any stairs is brilliant give ur self time my lovely you've had a lot going on xx

  • Hi Joanne ~ I'm so sorry to hear that you're having such a stressful time (moving house it right up there in the top three stressors in life) and you're having such a miserable experience.

    I can't even imagine moving home and having a double Knee arthroscopy at the same time! I hope that whatever they did to your knees, does increase your quality of life in the long term!

    The total frustration you must be feeling, not being able to personally make your new house your 'home', just at the present time, must be an added bit of torture too. :(

    I realise, from what you mentioned, that you've a lot of other health conditions going on too, which sound utterly miserable.

    Do you realise how strong a person you are? It takes a massive mental, emotional, and physical effort to move home while feeling ill, and you'd the added stress of your dual Op (!) ~ but I echo the sentiments that living in a Bungalow is great (no stairs! magic!). Sounds like you're missing your last home ~ and very possibly the familiarity of it, and possibly neighbours / friends? (((HUGS))).

    Moving home brings a whole lot of new challenges with it, as you know. :) And, you've done it..!!! :D Despite 'everything', you've done it..!!! I think you're BRILLIANT. :D You've inspired me to get a move on with getting my own house ready for sale, in the Spring of next year. (If you can do it with two wonky knees and then two Ops ~ surely I can do things, a little bit at a time?!)

    You're entitled to feel a bit down, as you're not able to do very much right at this minute. You've done the right thing in sharing how you feel and hopefully you'll find a way to deal with what's currently happening ... then ...

    Give yourself a great big pat on the back, and start being very kind to yourself, and revel in what you've accomplished, against all odds! :D Your lovely OH is great at doing the basics, re the new house, like decorating ~ but as and when you're more able, you will turn your house into your 'home', and I wish you every possible happiness in it :D

    Perhaps your new Doc will be a fresh pair of eyes and be able to do, or suggest something different for you, to improve your quality of life? All the best for your appointment ~ here's hoping ~ fingers, toes, legs and arms, and eyes crossed! :) (Sorry that's not a pretty mental picture! ;) But you get what I mean?)

    Sending you every good wish, Barbara xx

  • Thankyou for your such kind words joanne x

  • Joanne....My heart goes out to you. I've never had it that bad or such awful multiple conditions. I wish I could comfort you, send you the kind of food you love, give you gentle hugs, take care of all your needs but I can't even do that for friends here and feel so guilty. One of our OCDS Carmelites has MS and it's very difficult for her to get around despite a fancy wheelchair. She even sleeps in it as she did when she was able to go to a Retreat and we miss her so at meetings. She's further away than before too. Her mind/memory is affected more now so it's hard to talk to her. Her husband has 2 kinds of blood cancer....one rare so he doesn't get chemo. He needs help too and his greatest sorrow is being unable to help others as he used to, including his wife. We can't help either and it weighs heavy on me. My husband has Parkinsons' but he still helps a neighbor by mowing his lawn and ours with their riding mower and daily playing cribbage with him....he's housebound due to heart etc. My depression, fibro fog and weakness is like a cloud that won't go away. I believe the Epstein Barr virus which is active now is the cause of other things and no cure. Rest and less stress could help it go dormant but so far no luck. My sis in laws had total or partial knee replacements so I know a little of what you are going thru. One's husband is battling bladder cancer now. It's easy for me to say Be Brave and Carry On, when at times I don't want to. I want you to know, tho, that useless as it is, I do care about you and wish you the best......from M.A. in the U.S.A.

  • Thankyou so much for your kind words. Today has been horrible hubby and i had a huge row ive spent all afternoon in the spare bed,i think he is having a hard time coming to terms with my disabilites im only 49 im so sad right now i cant do right for wrong.jo x

  • Hugs x

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