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Aching all over

Hi, dont know why I am aching so badly today, went to the hairdressers but couldn't wait to get home and sit down again. Back to GP on Friday for more anti inflamatories in the hope that they will help. I think the weather plays a part in the flareup though, with all this rain we dont stand a chance.

Going to have an early night so goodnight all and hope its a good one for all of you. Love Angela xx

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The best bit about going to the hairdressers is when I get my hair dried. I find it very relaxing having the heat on the back of my neck



Hello Ermintrude,

I've not been to hairdressers in nearly 20 months as sitting any length of time in the chair is agony. I cut my own and hope for the best! - I agree about the hairdryer - though not only for the way it helps relax you - but as I have that ruddy troubles some guy Arthur Itis hanging to the back of my neck 24/7 - it also eases his grip a little as well! :-P

Gentle hugs,

Carol xx


I agree about the weather Ang, sleep well and goodnight. xx


Nite Ang, yep I also agree with the weather, need a burst of sunshine x x


Are the anti-inflammatories for something else?


Hi Lindsey, had them a few weeks ago as I was getting so stiff that GP gave them to me to see if they would help. Can't say they were overly brilliant but I was better with them than without them. Trial and error I suppose, she may give me something different this time, who knows? Havn't been this bad in ages tho. xx


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