Trembling sensations all over

Hi, apologies for not being on of late. Both hubby and myself have had an awful bout of flu. What's ironic is, we both had the flu jab. Hubby has had his first week back at work after his kidney infection two months ago and they have put him on fairly light duties thank goodness. Anyway, I diverse....I am trembling in my hands, arms, neck, head and upper body. I feel really out of sorts. I have had this before, but not for a while. Can anyone shed any light on it.

Hope you are all feeling ok by the way. Sending (((hugs)))

Tannels x

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  • Hi Tannels are you in a lot of pain?

    Are your vitamin levels ok after having the flu? you could try eating some fruit and drinking some kind of energy drink like lucozade :) to give yourself a boost.

    The one thing us fibros always forget is that it takes us a lot longer to heal than most and I think your body is still recovering from the flu. REMEMBER I'm not a GP tho if it continues you should speak to your GP :)

    Wishing you a speedier recovery and sending you and OH healing fluffies Tannels :)

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • hi Zeb, thanks for your reply, much appreciated. I agree, it does seem to drag on for longer whenever we get something. I am due for a blood test this week to check my iron levels, as the doctor says they were down on the last one. Maybe that might be the problem. Thanks for the advice.

    Tannels x

  • Hi Tannels you're welcome :)

    I need mine doing again.............. just have to remember to make an appointment :o

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Hi Tannels, sorry to hear you have had the flue, do hope u are feeling a little better now, I sometimes feel inside that I'm trembling badly but when I do the old hands test they are only shaking a little, thinking of you and hope you better soon, sending you a gentle hug....Dee xx

  • Hi Tannel's I feel like saying snap I feel like I am shaking a strange sensation I am also having trouble typing I keep missing letters and have to go back and sort it out. Do you suffer from tinnitus as well mine is odd at the moment. Everyone said it is a rest situation and I shall when I have been to the Physio I am having probs I walk forward and find I am going backwards next thing I fall..

    Hope yours is easier today xxgins

  • Yes, I do suffer from tinnitus and it seems to have become worse lately. I seem to get light headed and shaky. Falling must be difficult for you. Really hope you are feeling better today.

    Tannels x

  • I do that too My left ear sounds like a hoover most of the time but the shaky bit is new and it seems to come from deep within and is really odd. I hope yours is not too bad today I send gentle hugs xxxx

  • Gentle hugs to you and hope tomorrow is a better day. Tannels x

  • Hi gins I have had tinitus for years now they say its bordering on meniers syndrome which can make you feel sick can't it, I have a tingling feeling yet numb feeling in my right ear, do you have that, are you feeling any better today, and are you all ready and keyed for our fibro hibernation. Lol ....nodding you a special hug and hope your feeling better...Dee xxx

  • Hi cookie Yes and No to feeling better it is very strange I have tinnitus usual aches but that us my back ut lovely physio gave me new crutches and they help no end I feel secure o my pins for a change. which makes me smile:) just wish I was not so tired oh heres to hibernation :) Love and gentle hugs to you xxx

  • Hi Tannels, I may be completely wrong here, but sometimes having been given the flu jab, people can develop flu, perhaps not as badly as whatever strain is going round. However, of course with fibro, you will probably have been worse effected. What they inject is in fact a small amount of flu microbes, which stay in your system to repel the virus when it comes round....... I may be spouting utter rubbish, but I am sure I read an article about this some time back when my GP first suggested that I should have one, I wondered why as I didn't think I had anything that matched the criteria, but of course we have low immune systems so at that point I read about it. Please forgive me if I am not spot on with the info.

    I hope you start to feel better very soon, if not do speak to your doctor and perhaps mention what I have said so that you can be prepared when you have your next jab. Take great care Tannels and I really do hope you feel much better very very soon. :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi foggy, thanks, that is a very good point and I will mention it this week when I go in for my blood test. Hope you are doing ok today.

    Tannels x

  • Morning Foggy :)

    I agree with you and no you're not spouting rubbish hunny :) It is possible that some people develop the flu as a result of having the flu jab :o

    It apparently helps you to build up antibodies for it for when its going around and further boost your immune system ;)

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Hi foggy, how are you, the last time i spoke to you i think you were feeling pretty rough, that was before our broadband went down, have just seen that you are member of the month, congratulations, well done you deserve it, I have missed talking to you all, take care my friend ,..sending special hugs to you...Dee xxx

  • Hi tannels,how are you feeling today? Xxx

  • hi Haribo, not too bad, certainly better than yesterday. Thanks for asking. It seems that when I get tired towards the afternoon, I then start feeling a bit giddy and trembly. I have rested up this evening, so not too bad at the moment.

    Hope you are ok.

    Tannels x

  • Yes I get like that too.Glad that you got some rest :) My day started off bad but I feel somewhat fresher after taking a much needed bath and started watching a DVD I brought on trigger point therapy yoga.Iam going to have a proper go at the exercises tomorrow.All the best,haribo xxx

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