Merry Christmas to all! it wont be long now.xx

Passsed my E s a assessment which am very pleased about , but they put me in work related, dont understand when in pain constant with Fibromyalgy, R.s.i in right wrist, and painfull tennis elbows, hard to type this with out pain.. I dont know who would employ me in the state i am in!

I have my first meeting at the job centre monday, so will give a update of what they expect of me. Not looking forward to it..

Sending love to you all, hope santa brings you something

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  • Hi house77

    I am genuinely delighted to read that you were successful with your ESA assessment, but I am disappointed for you that you did not get the group that you wanted. It is difficult to see who would employ many of us with our ongoing health issues. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with your meeting at the JCP on Monday.

    Yes, this time next week I will be watching A Muppet Christmas Carol and saying to myself it is Christmas Eve For Sure! I truly hope that you have a wonderful time my friend and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi Ken my friend,

    Thankyou for your reply ,am sorry it is late. Yes was overjoyed to have passed, but not in the group i wanted.

    well A update as promised, i made sure i was 10 minutes early,as the thought of a sanction terrify s me.The lady i saw was very nice and put me at ease straightaway, she said i would have to see her at the job centre once a month, if i recall, the last time i was on E sa work related it was once every 3 months, that must of been 3 years ago.. And my condition is 100% worse now

    She said the next time i see her can i take my cv. I told her i would not last a hr with a busy full time job, with out being in tremendous pain! I Wanted her to know how my Fibromyalgia affected me every day . So peace and quiet for a month until my next visit..

    Wishing you Ken and everyone a fabulous pain free Christmas! I know that is going to be hard for a lot of us on this terrific site, so please take it steady and enjoy! big hugs and kisses xx

  • Lol Ken i also love the muppet Christmas Carol, i am after all, a big kid..xx

  • Me too my friend! I may grow old but I will never grow up! x :)

  • Lol same here Ken, and why not.Enjoy! Xx

  • x :)

  • Unfortunately they don't tend to realise how debilitating being in pain is. I was told 'well, if Stephen Hawking can work you should be able to'. Words failed me, unfortunately. No disrespect to the man at all, he's amazing, but his situation is so vastly different. A) He isn't trying to hold down a mundane job that he has to travel to and from B) he does, I have read, have a large body of staff to help him achieve his goals and C) I suspect doubt that the DWP would place him in the work related group anyway. I did know a lady with MS who had a similar lack of mobility and she was put in the support group (is that the name? Details are escaping me today!!).

    The lack of understanding is inevitable really - unless someone has been in long term or severe pain they simply can't imagine it. I mentioned somewhere on this site about my sister's physio or osteo (can't remember which now - fibro fog) but she had been working years to help people in pain. When she ended up injured for several weeks she was horrified at how bad it felt and realised she'd had no idea before as to what her patients were going through, thought they were just moaning. Nope. It is bad. My sister remembered trying to walk home and feeling terrible and coming down with flu the next day - that's the only way she can picture fibro.

    They think things like 'you're typing here so why can't you do a job that involves typing all day?' The fact that this takes a short amount of time and you can take all day to type it if you need to would just go straight over their heads.

    Very best of luck at the job centre.


  • Thank you for your reply Deb,

    Am sorry am late getting back to you , busy weekend. Yes some people have not got a clue how much pain the fibromyalgia gives us every day, the way my dr talks to me some times, am sure he thinks its all in my head, if only he could feel my pain for the day, then he would understand that it is real!

    My short term memory is shocking and getting worse, all symptoms of Fibromyalgia, my spelling getting worse too,lol..

    Big hugs Deb xx

  • Merry Christmas to you too house77

    I would ask for a Mandatory Reconsideration and they may put you in the Support Group when they have had another look at it.

    Go for your interview and explain you are having a MR and the reasons why. I went through the same experience and was interviewed by a lovely lady who could see my struggles in just getting up and walking to her desk.

    She suffers severe RA and did acknowledge that the job centre had provided an ergonomic work station near to the disabled toilet and she was surrounded by other people who could help her.

    I asked her how many employers would do the same and perhaps include a lift if necessary and install a disabled toilet? She understood my point exactly and when I turned up for my second interview she was shocked that I was not in the Support Group and wrote some thing on her computer.

    Soon after I heard that I had indeed been changed from the WRAG.

    Don't give up, I think they do this to see if anyone would challenge them.


  • Hi yes Kay thats what i intend to do, ask them to look at there decisioon again, i have got a month to appeal,so i have wrote a few lines to say why i think i should be in the support group, and shall pop it in the post soon. My right arm hurts so much,i can only use my left typing this. wishing you Kay a good christmas, big hugs.xx

  • I Forgot to add that upon entering the jobcentre earliery on ,was told i needed to go upstairs to see them, i was not having none of that ,i said could they see me downstairs which they eventually did. A joke i thought, as i bet a lot people on the work activeity group could not climb lots of stairs too..x

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