Reverse the ESA disability benefit cut

The House of Lords has been unable to stop a planned £30-a-week cut to disability benefits forced through by Government MPs. This will cripple those in receipt of these benefits, leaving many in literal poverty.

The government must reverse this decision. Lives are at risk.

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10 Replies

  • I signed this on Fri. :)

    But there are sure to be some on the site who havnt and would like to.

    Interesting just how quickly the number of votes have gone up,

    It was 27,000 on fri. It usually goes up a lot slower than that. :P


  • Hi there,

    I've already signed this petition. It may help if you could put a link to the petition.

    Then users could just click on it and get straight to the petition.

    Thanks for posting this..

    GP. 😊

  • I would like to sign could you please post a link thank you.


  • Already signed this. Just checked and it's now up to 92,830 so fingers crossed it will reach the 100,000 target fairly soon. (Gone up over 50 signatures in the time it took me to type this message!! :) )

    Worth remembering for future though, thankfully this petition is on the UK Government and Parliament's own website as it is only petitions on their own website that they respond to at 10,000 signatures and commit to debating in Parliament at 100,000. Not that I'm advocating not doing or signing other sorts of petitions. Just that if you really want a response from UK government then it is always best to put the petition on their own website.

  • Good luck to you all!!! Peck.😊

  • Signed myself last week and just signed on behalf of hubby and it's at 95,204 so it's getting there!

    It would seriously hurt us if we were to loose £30 a week! This Government is really out to get us and stamp us into the ground never to be seen or heard of again!!

    Laura :(

  • I signed it last week also. I genuinely hope that it works :)

  • Just checked and the petition obviously went over 100,000 overnight. It's now (09:51) at 102,787.

    Watch this space!!

  • Already signed and shared on my Facebook page.

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