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I have decided to take the canoe to asda lol it will be cheaper than the car !!! dont think the arms will stand much of it but the rain just wont stop lol

and yes to all those who asked i will be paruzing down the cake aisle to see what takes my fancy today ?

i am thinking maybe an angel cake ? or an iced maderia cake ? or maybe a coffee maderia ? oh blow it i will get all three ha ha there you go you cant say varietry is not the spice in my life lol

love to you all if i am not back on here by this evening send out the lifeboat to find me please

love diddle x

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Don't eat all the cake at might sink!! LOL xxx :)


Stock up diddle, you might not get out again.

I am lucky we havent had hardley any rain, its been mostly sun. Windy today though but still no rain yet. :) hugs, kel xxx


oh dont worry i weigh so little at min would take more than a couple of cake s to sink me lol mind you if my mum send sround one of her homemade roly poly s again this week then i may jus t go down glug glug glug lol

i will be more famous than the titanic

now off so will see you all later well you know what i mean i wonr=t actually see you i will blog you ha ha

take care enjoy the sun/rain/wind whatever you got whereevr you are

love diddle x


You gotta have something to cheer you up in this weather Diddle so I agree you should go for one of each flavor. Enjoy! xx


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