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Ok so i am in agony cant sit/stand or layso nowgonna take my doggy up the road to get my bones and joints moving lol then havec uppa and read some of my kindle i may be back on here later if not will be back in the morning or at somepoint tomorrow love to you all and i hope that the sun is shining and you all have a wonderful day (well we can but hope ) cant we lol love diddle x

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Morning diddle yep sun is out here in Wiltshire but my body still is in pain but I will fight on today out to lunch takimg my Dad out :-)

Soft hugs )))) Allan x


hiallan long time no speak lol have been dotting on/offf latelythings going on you know how it is hope you ok enjoy your lunch and happy fathers day love diddle x


Hope your pain eases. I am also having bad day. Can only get better xxx


me also having a bad and very tired also been in bed most of the day today wiv my fuzzy head soft hugs xxxx



Wow the sun is shining down here in Wiltshire diddle yep had a GR8 day out with my Dad yesterday nice meal , Hope you all are ok out there have a good

Day soft hugs )))) to all Allan xx


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