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Why did i think today would be any different to yesterday????

Saturday so why did i think that i would jump out of bed pain free , be able to walk the dog for a mile, go to shops and walk round, sit in garden., do bit housework????!!!!! etc. Who was I kidding ha ha oh well will do what i can today and maybe tomorrow will be my day what do you think? its got to be my turn soon! has'nt it??? Good morning everyone and hope you are having less pain than you did yesterday and all is well with you. Lots of love to you all and soft hugs Diddle xxxxxx

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Morning Diddle, wouldn't that be just fantastic?

Love and soft hugs to you too, at least we have each other on this great forum now to share everything with. I'm going to attempt to have a walk round Matalan. xxx


Hi there sorry that last post has prob depressed everyone on here lol. you know how it is sometimes you just sit here and it all pours out. Anyway that will be nice having walk round there , hopefully you will see something and treat yourself. i met my youngest daughter on her lunch hour yesterday and she bought me a top from New Look bless her i said No but she said you either get it or i will come after work and buy it anyway so that was kind. well its horrible old drizzle here at the min so washing in tumble dryer and now going to sit and read not much else to be done. You have a lovely day and thankyou. love and soft hugs Diddle xxxx


What a lovely daughter..... I've got 2 sons and one daughter in law who is lovely, one of my best mates.

Course you didn't depress everyone on here, who else is going to understand how we really feel :) I get sooo fed up of people asking how I am and I feel I should say I;m fine thanks when you want to tell them how much you hurt.

I shall do my best to find something in Matalan lol, probably end up buying for my granddaughter who's 7 or my daughter in law though.

It's a bit misty here but the sun is trying hard to come out.

I've got 3 books on the go at the moment so I might sit and read one of them this afternoon. With a milky coffee and some chocolate........:) xxx


thanks bless ya. I cant do that have 3 books on go at once i have to read one and start another one. but the milky coffee and chocolate sounds lovely, i am ino popcorn at min its from asda there own they sell it near bakery i like the cinema style(the 1st time i bought it i thought it said cineman style i love cineman and then when i got home and got my glasses i could see what it really said lol) your like me always getting other people stuff i walk round and pick things up then say oh i dont need this and put it all back what are we like. i have got 2 grandsons age 4 and 2 well they will be in may/june, i love being a nanny jus wish i could do more with them but perhaps one day. anyway enjoy the retail therapy and the coffee/chocolate love and soft hugs diddle xxx


lol we are a right old pair today arent we hope no newbies have look at this lot will scare them away (well i am fairly new) a week ha ha but bless them so any newbies reading this dont be put off come on in and join it will do yu the world of good to talk to others who know what you are going through. i was going to read but have not even turned the kindle on yet! but will in a bit. i keep seeing things on here. so my fingers are having a beating at the min . you have a good day perhaps make a cloth model doll of yourself and stick few pins in it you never know may have the desired effect lol/ love to you and soft hugs diddle xx


I wish there were a 'like' button as they do on facebook. So totally agree with everything that's been. My partner never asks how i am because he knows from the amount of stuff i'm able to do and i don't want him to wrap me in cotton wool. Close friends always ask and I just give a wry smile...they know!

I only found this site a week ago and it's so good to chat with like minded/bodied people!

I've just had to edit this comment as I'd written a load of minded/bodied came out as like minted/blooded....oh I give up!

Just want to say thanks keep smiling and have as good a weekend as you can :)


Newbie lol, hey diddle how come you read two books at a time ? I have just started doing this because my concentration is short and I now actually finnish books !

Morning Bumble and Christine x


No i dont read two books someone else on here said she had 3 books on the go !!!! i can only read one at a time lol thats enough for me. take care love and soft hugs diddle xx


Twas me Penny41. :) I start one and get a few pages in and get fed up - unless it's really good - and then I start another and another. Not all the time I hasten to add. I get bored easily lol. How many soaps do we watch at once then? lol Actually I don't watch any soaps...........xx


Interesting Sue, another person who does not complete task but what i have found is it i read two at a time they get read. I have had many years reading the beginings only x


I am in pain but I remember what I was like 20 years ago, when I could not get out of bed to go to the toilet and had to ask my 5 year old son for help. Today I can dress myself (as long as there are no zips) I can have a shower in my adapted shower-room and I cleaned the taps in the bathroom. The other day I my husband and I walked to the pub (462 steps each way).

My son has grown up to be a kind and considerate young man (mostly) who knows how to look after himself and others.

My husband and I are still together and enjoy each others company. Life is great just not what I signed up for.


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