Last few days i have been laid up in bed with pain that i would wound finish me off. Couldn't have anyone touching me, even the shower was hurting me when it hit me.

Then to top it all off went to DLA courts and they were running so late we got told we have to wait for a new date which could be end of year now. Got myself all worked up about it, wasn't well head spinning, pain every where, wishing i was back in bed trying to rest.

Well its now saturday still in pain which is unbelievable if still like it of to doc's on monday

House is a right mess as we are getting ready to move. Then we are also getting ready for our first holiday this year.

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  • Hugs Lea. Think you will need to see your Dr mon. How awful that you might have to wait til the end of the year for DLA courts. Is it an appeal? Dont worry about the House being in a mess lov. Try and rest. I know you have got a busy time. Where are you going for your Holiday? Take it easy much love Helen xx

  • Ya this was appeal from when i first appeal for it. But since then i have been given it for the second time i appeal for it and they back dated it. So we still have to go to the appeal. Hope you understand.

  • yeah i understand Lea. Ive got an appeal in june for DLA. xx

  • What a frustrating day. It's bad enough feeling like we do without the system letting you down at every turn. Rest up Lea and get your strength back. I think you need to go to see your doctor soon though too. Are you getting help with your DLA claims?


  • Ya i have some one from C.A.B

  • oh bless you too much going on for you lots of hugs diddle x

  • Thank you for all your comments. will take myself to the Docs.

    Hugs to you all xxxx

  • Hi Lea good luck at the Doctors tomor. love Helen xxx

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