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Sorry but can I just rant and let some steam out of my ears for a minute ? Best beloved just finished asking me what I was going to make for supper ? Well I replied, nothing, I have no spoons left, we have been out all day, please just leave me alone and sort yourselves out. So next question when are you intending to mop the floors ? Not now I replied i am all out of spoons, Well forget it then is the reply I got. Way to go to make me feel even more guilty for having this g.d dam awful f condition. Grrrrrrr.

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Feel free to rant. We all need to let off steam occasionally. Think I would have drawn an arrow on a piece of paper with the voice over "kitchen is that way - self service only on weekends" Housework and cooking are not exclusive to one person are they! My sarcasm would definitely get the better of me! We don't need to be made to feel guilty on top of everything else. I'm sure it's probably not meant the way it came across. I got a taste of the "other side" when my OH had 2 major heart attacks.I felt totally helpless and unsure what to do to help so we both became snappy and irritable. When you are less tired perhaps an honest talk about the division of labour and what can and can't be done both on the good and not so good days is the way forward. Good luck - hope the rest of the weekend is more relaxing.

honeybug in reply to Dinkie


They just don't get it. Once our energy goes we stop. We don't have a choice in the matter.

It's awful when kids and husband don't get it. You go do what's best for you and don't feel guilty. Don't let them push your buttons. They have two good hands let them fend for themselves. If he thinks the floor is dirty tell him to clean it. Same with cooking if they get hungry enough they 'll find something to eat. So go to your room and tell them do not disturb. If you feel comfortable later tell them the house and laundry and cooking they need to help. I hope you feel better and they listen. I had that problem for awhile and I hated it. I finally had enough and they finally started helping. So good luck do it for your self they'll get over it

Think of your self your NUMBER ONE. Love susie jo1948


Have you ever shown your family " The Spoon Theory " or " A Letter To Normals ". If not, google them and print them of and let your family read them. It might just help them to understand what you go through on a daily basis. xx

Do they know where the mop and bucket is, I suggest you label the cupboards etc. so they can find, and use, these things xx

Sorry, mop the floor 😳 Sounds rather Victorian to me, does your OH know it's 2018 🤔

You rant all you like!! I for one need to rant quite often. Im quite lucky with my husband and teenage kids as they are quite understanding but still every now and then they say something that makes me feel like s**t!! Ive lost all my friend but 2 as they just didnt get the fact that when all my spoons were gone there is nothing more i can do but rest. Just remember we all understand on here and will support you the best we can. Chin up!! Xxx

That's so nasty! You must try and rise above the comments otherwise it will stress you even more and we all know what stress does to us 🙄. I am very lucky to have a partner who is very understanding of the condition and doesn't make me feel guilty about the times when I just can't do anything. Please try to get a bit of a discussion going with your nearest and dearest-all the suggestions about spoons and poem to normals are brilliant so that hopefully you don't get this response from them again. Love and gentle hugs. 😘

Cheeky sod!!!

Mine knows better than to suggest anything. He knows either it just won’t get done or he’ll get a large flea in is ear. Lol.

If he thinks it needs doing he’s more than welcome to do it himself. I promise I won’t take umbrage if he does.

My comment would be 'You know where the mop is!'

Mydexter in reply to Midori

Sounds like they need directions to the kitchen too lol 😳

Call that steam? Bless you, you are restrained.

Now then, you need to get your little family trained. Teach them where the mop and bucket live and how to sloosh it back and forth.

Ditto cooking, dusting, beds, and so on. Time to grow up. If Mamma is raising a family, she don't want to be raising no stupid, lazy critters. And OH, needs to show the way too. For sure Mamma's cooking is the best but come on all the others, they can at least boil and scramble and toast stuff can't they?

You just summed up my daily life. I feel your frustration.

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