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Water water every where :(

Hi all well had to go to docs today and while the wound is healing very well, I am so swollen in operated leg and the other one.... hence the title.

My leg is so tight all the way down to toes it is killing me so doc given me water tabs to try also found out my HB is only 8.6 so back on the iron pills I'm sure if you shook me I would rattle. Other than this feeling a bit more positive today just hope water pills work otherwise GP sending me back early to surgeon talking of drains aghh!! not nice

Sorry folks got to go falling asleep on the keyboard zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz nite nite xx

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oh dear bless you at least you have been to gp and got tablets and hopefully they will start to work their magic and you will feel better tomorrow and more so over the next few days love to you diddle x


Hi sue,

I hope everything calms down for you soon and you have a quick recovery.

It must be so hard with you having fibro too.

Sending you gentle hugs sue, take it easy

hugs, kel xxx


Hope you are feeling better today Sue and the swelling has improved. Love Angela xx


Thanks all for your comments well water is marginally better i think so fingers crossed .:-))


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