Email notifications at Last !!!!

Email notifications at Last !!!!

Hoorah, things are obviously getting better, I am kept logged in and today have started receiving proper email notifications again. It's been a fortnight of hell really so to start getting some semblance of order again is a good thing. Hopefully this will keep going, thanks HU (with slight reservations)

Ps. VG got this piccie of Idris today, don't know how, is he still behaving himself ?

Foggy x

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  • It is better now we need the type face to go back to being readable

  • I have no idea what happened to Idris I think he got eaten by Garry the green bar at the top of the screen ... It suddenly swelled to 3 1/2 inches wide and wouldn't let me post .. Then it shrunk back to normal and went to the bottom right of the screen so I couldn't answer anyone ... I have had someone else's account from a different forum I have lost every post I ever wrote before the changeover every glitch that could have happened I have had it ... I am still working at impulse power and can't arm torpedoes and my shields are down ....

    Sorry I just wandered into Star Trek its slightly more believable than what's been happening to me since the changeover ... But hey ho things could be worse and probably will be as I have the ever changing reply box size too but I haven't had the font size change yet so I expect to wake up tomorrow to font size 2 or 60

    VG ... Looking for the bottle to say drink me or the cake to say eat me :)

  • Oh VG sorry, I know what you mean about the green bar though, I turn my iPad to type more easily and wham, there's the green bar slap bang where I don't need it and I can't see what I'm typing, hehe just foxed it though, was upright until the word "typing" then turned and the silly green is below the box. I must stop posting about being lucky then cos it all is norm here, maybe the font a bit small but I might drop a line to HU, I don't like my friends to suffer, surely two weeks in things should be correct across the whole site, techys need to pull their finger out and get things sorted.

    Foggy - cross on her friends' behalf

  • Oh and just to make you laugh, no email notifications for two weeks then I get 3 telling me about your response VG !!! Hmmmm

    Foggy x

  • Hi Foggy

    Yippee! I endured similar nightmare too and when the notifications started I also cheered. However don't get me started on log-in!!!

    Pleased you're fully up and running


  • Hi zeb it's been such a farce, I must be very very lucky (and realise this is tempting providence ) but I am automatically logged in and getting notifications, it must be too good to last............ goes and hides in case of retribution !! ;-) ;-)

    Foggy x

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