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esa v me and health

Hi all hope you are all having a pain free day Had a tribrunial failed reapplied got mediacal atso form before the letter saying claim accepted had several falls over the past year last one brocken top of foot in nov broken repaired but bad tendant damage and been told its going to be up to a year before it repairs going anywhere is painful and my fibro is so bad now in a bad place getting six hours sleep fegure pain have post tramic stress disorder barrets symdrom me and a thyiod problem some day do not want to do anythink at all sorry to morn on so much but they are making my life unbearible at the moment now off to mental health problem life seems to be so hard at the moment and dwp are making things 10 times as bad

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So sorry to hear you finding things hard to want to do anything at the moment. Illness does kinda get you that way and can imagine you try to do what you need to. It sounds so much like me getting used to letting go of the old, like me Liz, that could do anything without thinking about it, but has gone.In between the fibro lower lumber probs and believe you me I used to have size 9 feet now they are 11 I have chronic severe pain in my feet it I bend them to much if you know what I mean but even buying shoes I have to buy men's lol. But I did get awarded esa support group and waited 3 years for that and believe you me im just beginning to recover for that long road. I recently got refused my DLA award at the tribunal like yourself and as low as that can leave you remember one day it will happen unless by some miracle you recover to a normal life. Please don't despair too much as you have a day to live in even if its to put you feet up rest pamper yourself with something you like a film ......... might I say a cake if its ok . Something that will smell nice and give you ambience its sunny here and the birds are singing getting busy helping the wildlife grow for the coming year. Music can help to lift the spirits too just about anything you can do instead of the things that cant be done today. I really hope your claim comes up for you I've applied for pip and to be honest will probably have to fight for that. Well hope you don't feel to alone there and just hope you can find something to inspire you that will give your senses some pleasure. Well im away now so be good to your self when others aren't xxx


Hi Royalspec01. Thank you for your kind words and support Yes that sounds like a good idea taking something good not touched the my court yard garden I could do some tubs then I can sit outside I hope you get sorted with the PIP and thanks again just reading has helped x


Hi sally200469

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering this way and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your issues. I was wondering if you were attending any clinics such as Rheumatology or Pain Management? As these may help your current plight? If not, I would discuss this with your GP and see what help is available for you.

You didn't say what benefits you were getting or applied for? So I have pasted you some links below for PIP and ESA as you can have both:

If you are working you can claim PIP, but if you are not you can apply for both.

I want to wish you the best of luck and please keep us up to date with how you are getting on?

Ken x


Hi Ken, Yes going to rheumatology Thursday so I think I will ask to go to the pain clinic the last she asked I was doing ok and said so no

I lost my tribrunal in much for ESA so got back on it again and before I got letter confirming back on ESA I had a medical form on the door mat twelve months and back at the start again

I get DLA lower both sides they except my health on this but not the other

Thank you for the links I will have a good read of them

So thanks again x


HI sally200469

Thank you so much for that, sometimes I cannot understand or work out how the benefit system works? You get one disability benefit but then refused another? It is so weird!

I hope that your Rheumatology appointment goes well for you and that you get a referral to pain management.

Take care

Ken x


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