I am shattered!!!!!

I have just got back from helping my kids school at the swimming baths. Omg i am so shattered i could just curl up and go to sleep. It was good fun with other mothers and seeing all the kids enjoyin g themselves, but it has taken so much for me to go and other mothers dont sound like they are tired never mind shattered. It will be an early night for me i think, but whats new lol.

hugs, kel xxxx

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  • Sleep well! :)

  • Thanx fibrodude, i will have to wait until kids go to bed. :(

    I always sleep due to meds thankfully. :)

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • yea funny how we manage to do whats asked off us but the more we do the more we suffer after so rest well

  • I know, if i sit and rest i will fall asleep and cant do that as no tea will be made lol. xxxxx

  • Bless you i am sitting curled up in the chair at min got pizza ready to pop in oven for my daughter then bath for me ad curl up on sofa again love to you diddle x

  • I am supposed to be making a chicken pie (a cheats way too), and i cant even be botherd doing that neither. I am too cold to move, its horrible out there. so curling up is such a good idea diddle. :)


  • AW well here at the min it is so widy but the sky is so blue ad the su is shiig its beautiful but aother hour it could be thuder lightening ad lashing rain , can you get a chippy tea and do pie tomorrow? or order from somewhere ? i know the last thig i would wat to do or could do is cook anything love to you diddle x

  • Ended up doing the pie, i am a bugger now i have bad head and counting down the minutes to bed diddle lol xxxx

  • Me time tonight eh Kel? Hope you get a good rest xxxx

  • There is never me time in my house at night time until bed, i think i will be collapsing in that bed and i wont be able to get up in the mornng, but whats new? lol, Hope you are ok tracy? xxxxx

  • I know how you feel Kel. Thursdays are a nightmare for me, three little darlings in one day. I'm far too old for this.

    The last one went home at 6pm, it's been a 10 hours day as usual so I've had dinner, got me voddie and it's meeee time here too. No work till Monday now thank the Lord!

    Sue xxx

  • I bet your glad your day is over sue, i couldnt look after three of other peoples kids, it would drive me mad you need a medal, just thought i helped look after 25 kids at swimming duh, i am mental lol. xxxx

  • Well, have to agree with you there love, you are LOL :) :)

    Just kidding.......... :)

    I am very glad the day is over and I can't stop yawning, think it might be an early bath for me.


  • I am on my way up in a min. :) How sad, no voddies for me lol.

    Night sue, and hugs, kel xxxxx

  • Sleep well love, let's hope we all feel well tomorrow. I've had my voddie, hot chocolate now I think :)

    Night night,

    Hugs Sue xxxxxx

  • Ohh, and by the way. Thankyou for thinking of me with that group sue, but like you have found out it is an hour away. :( hugs, kel xxxxx

  • No worries love, I should have looked before I sent it to you lol. xxxx

  • large brandy and early night!!!!

    thats my remedy lol hugs to u kel xxx

  • Thanx nadine, brandy is too strong for me, i would on my back after just 1 lol. Hugs back to you. :) ,kel xxxxx

  • i find i have to keep standing or doing stuff ,so i dont go to sleep ,im sooo tired lately ,hope you feel a bit better today kel :)

    hugs xxxx

  • I am thanx lynz,

    its just bad when taking kids swimming and helping them getting dried over does it for you. :(, i am sick of being sick now i just want to be like everyone else who doesnt have to pace all the bl**dy time lol.

    I too sit down and just want to go to sleep and with little ones its not good is it?

    Hope you have finnally been able to pick up since your stressful holiday lynz,

    HUgs, kel xxxx

  • I love the remedy of large brandy! Luckily my daughter is 17 now so she does not need looking after as much as a small child, but saying that her bedroom is an absolute tip and she does not see any reason to tidy it up! I am also having to spend more and more time in bed during the day due to the lack of sleep at night. My family try to understand my fibro but they are not always as sympathetic as they could be, which I find hard to cope with. Oh well, put the kettle on and get the chocolate biscuits out. xxx

  • Hi ruby,

    It seems like most familys dont get it, i know mine dont. They whinge on about ohhh i have got this to do in the house today and that to do tomorrow. I just feel at shouting at them, well you should think yourselves bl**dy lucky you can do them things.

    Sorry went on a rant then lol.

    I have plenty of sleep at night but still i am totally wiped out come tea time.

    Put kettle on for me too pretty please lol.

    hugs, kel xxx

  • hI kel,

    I agree with you about families. And don't worry about the rant, I'm sure I will be having plenty in the future!! I'd better go downstairs now and see what my hubby is doing or he gets all narky. Talk to you again soon.

    hugs x cath

  • youre not wrong god knows why i suppose we cant prove we are in pain not like toothache where you go to dentist get it taken out cured with this fibro they have nothing to see so dont connect that you can be in pian in 2012 with no cure all the best lots of hugs

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