OMG after waiting 19 months for my DLA Tribunal I HAVE WON IT!

I was absolutely terrified sitting in front of the panel that I felt tongue tied. The judge was a bit tough on me but the doctor and care person were ok but it was still quite an ordeal.

I felt absolutely traumatised after it and I'm feeling totally shattered but inside I'm really happy. What makes me mad is that I've had to go through so much s**t to get here and I'm glad I fought for it but what if I hadn't?

Shame on the Government for putting vunerable people through this ordeal.

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  • Shame indeed, but well done, Ariadne - I'm glad you were finally successful! :)

    Moffy x

  • Glad you got your dla

    Vg x :)

  • Relief for you there x

  • Well done x

  • What an ordeal for you but yippee for the success in being finally awarded DLA.


  • Its's basically the good guys that go through such an ordeal

    But I think you should give yourself a big pat on the back for being

    So brave( I think such events require a certain amount of bravery!)

    You must be so relieved now that is all over.

    Well done Ariadne.

    You deserve a round of applause.

    Now spoil yourself rotten!!

    Bibi x

  • Well done.

  • Thanks for your lovely comments xx

  • Congratulations

  • Good News Ariadne :) Pleased for you

  • Welldone, its such a shame what you had to do to get it. But atleast you can finally relax x

  • Omg i have mine on Friday . Been fighting this for over a year . List my husband in jan last year .

    Petrified as have no one to go with CAB helped with for and appeal form .

    Really don't know what to do , I know I have to do it but so scared .

    Got my walking frame yesterday . So glad u got it , we'll done

  • I really wish you so much luck - just tell em straight. If you are unsure of a question take time to think about it or ask them to explain. They do ask the same question in different ways which can be distracting but you keep telling them the same thing.

    Although we feel like rough so much we're pretty tough inside, keep hold of that feeling as you have a right to the DLA.

    I'll be thinking of you xxx

  • CONGRATULATIONS!! There is something very wrong in a society that places the most strain on the people least able to cope whenever the going gets tough! xx

  • Well done, take it easy and give your self time to recover, you are so right shame on the government, these interviews are just legalised torture x

  • A great result, considering how long it took. There is something seriously wrong with a system that tortures people for 19 months.

  • The system is so wrong. I waited 18 months for my tribunal, which I won at the rate of when I applied. As my condition deteriorated, they told me to apply for a supersession. I did this and even though I am having formal care through an agency, they have sent me to another tribunal. Tribunal date came and the judge threw the pathetic medical report out from Atos as it was so contradictory and wanted up to date medical history as things are changing all the time. The Atos report was laughable and said at one point that I needed assistance with personal care, then later, with taking time, I could complete my personal care tasks. It also said, I was not eligible for DLA as I worked 22 hours a week. Without the care, I would not be able to work. It also said that my mobility was ok as I could drive a manual car. It did not point out that I can only drive 10 miles maximum and that an automatic car was discounted as my right side is the main side affected and an automatic car would still have the same issues.

    I was in hospital in April with complete water retention and my bladder is not working properly.

    I am now awaiting another stupid ATOS medical, which I need to reply to and then go back to court.

    Three times to court in just over a year is getting beyond a joke as I end up in bed for up to a week after due to the stres it causes.

    I have also had to re-do the 48 page DLA renewal as mine was running out in August. Another nightmare as my writing has gotten really painful and I couldn't do it online.

    Like you say genuine people have to go through hell.

    Am happy that aridanejones got through her one and won.

  • Congrats!!!!! :-) I'm sorry that you had to go thro such an ordeal tho and i too think its terrible that the government force vulnerable people to go through such stress .

    Hugs Kira x

  • Many congratulations to you I am glad you got a great result, its such an unfair system that we have to fight for what is truly due to us we are not scroungers but really sick people i had to fight for mine but won it for 2 years in the end have a lovely time and spoil yourself a bit you deserve it x

  • Well done to you, especially for staying strong through this!! You take good care now and rest. As soon as I heard of the changes coming to play, I said what about those sick people who are going to be stressed even more, making there condition worse. It's the bad people who made it come to this.

    We will have to stay strong together. I am awaiting a decision on my amended update on my condition which I had to fill in. Thank God, the CAB in Sutton borough were fantastic and actually wrote most of it out, saving the pains and weakness in my hands. Everyone out there you keep strong, determination goes a long...........way

  • I'm also waited since dec 2012 for my appeal witch takes place friday 30th august 2013 day after my birthday I got authrites of my spine my hip and knee I have to go for injections in my spine to see. If it helps with my constent pain has any one got some good addvise for me on friday anne 2e0

  • Thankyou for that any more xxx

  • Hi Anne

    One thing I believe is that you have to try and be consistent in your answers and take as much paperwork with you that highlights your medical needs. Think about your answers and don't rush into answering questions if you don't understand, ask them to repeat or explain what they mean. It's so stressful so try and be yourself.

    I wish you the best of luck on Friday and a Happy Birthday too.

  • I have got my appeal at 14.00. Today I am realy so stressed out over it

  • I WON my appeal only got low rate care componet and low rate mobilty but it a star it up for review in 2015 and thankyou your advice worked

  • Fantastic! I only got the lower rate too but at least it's a start and we would have had nothing if we hadn't appealed. Great news x

  • Fantastic news for u also we are over moon about it they backdated mine 11 months so it great could of been better xxxx

  • Does any one know how they pay ur backpay and long after ur appeal is it payed

  • Hi Anne, it took a month for my money to come through. We should demand interest as they keep it for as long as possible.

  • Yer that true theen they will owe me septembers aswell. What day off month it. Get paid do we still get our ESA. Does any one know xxxxxxx anne

  • The pittance gets paid every 28 days after they send you the arrears. They don't work fast! x

  • I still not got my arrears but it only been a week do I still get my eas does any one know


  • Well Done.....And shame on Cameron!!!!

    Jan xx

  • I am so pleased for you congratulations!

  • 4 weeks later still not been paid my dla from my tribunale

  • i am still waiting for my tribunal date, i have degenerative disc disease (ddd) and arthritis in my spine. i just recently had epidural steroid injections and they have not worked. i will be taking my wife with me to tribunal as it is she who knows my daily routine and how it affects me and her. I appealed twice and lost so tribunal is the answer but who knows if i will get that. They said when i rang that my tribunal would be february and i sent it in june 2013. my question is, will i win i have good supporting evidence from my doctor, my MRI results, and a bloody good wife who takes care of my everyday needs....

  • Hi Smiley Dave, I wish you well with your tribunal. Make sure they have copies of all your paperwork and keep fighting ☺️

  • hi all, i am now taking 4 gabapentin 3 times a day and its doing absolutley nothing for the pain of my ddd ( degenerative disc disease).

    Tired all the time !! I have ddd and arthritis in my spine and now i think i have it in my knees to, i also have post traumatic stress disorder.I applied for dla last april 2013 and was turned down, thats on the evidence of the 'so called' doctors at atos saying i am fit for work.. , I have a dla tribunal in march , so lets see if i win tha ( probably not). i have all the paperwork from my doctor saying i am unfit for work. sorry if i am having a whinge but i think ppl on this site listen and care for each other... i just want to know if anyone on here has the same problem i have and what i have to do to win the case?? please help if you can or give me a lnk to someone who can ...

  • Hi there I've been off the site for a while. I hope that you won your tribunal

  • Congratulations and yay fibro mites x

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