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Shattered and sore

Not sure if its the weather, or just a flare up but I am not sleeping properly again the last couple of weeks so constantly shattered and in pain. I hate the vicious circle that not sleeping causes but can't see a way out of it. I'm on Amatryptaline 50mg at night which is doing its job but the burning red hot pokers that shoot through my knee several times a night are driving me nuts. I hate dragging myself out of bed every morning exhausted and feeling spaced out at work due to maxing my painkillers during the night. Still I know I am a lucky one, I can still work (albeit in automatic pilot most of the time) and have a great family who seem to understand when I can't do things so I shouldn't complain i guess. Wishing you all a good and painfree weekend.

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Its hard to find the balance between pain relief and the need to be clear headed for work. I often find myself sitting in front of the computer just staring into space and not able to focus after a painfull few nights and dopey drug head to go with it.

I hope your employer gives you some leeway as often after an hour or two into the day we find the energy to get on and make up for the slow bits.

Hope you have a better day today and rest up if you can before it all starts again tomorrow :) x


I started a new job back in March as I couldn't cope with my previous one. My new bosses took me on with full knowledge of what the condition entails and they are fantastic. I usually let my line manager know when i'm doped up (or should that be dopey lol) and she keeps an extra eye on what i do incase i make daft mistakes. You are right though by a few hours in when the meds wear off I'm back to normal.

Its so good to know others understand and don't think we make it up :) have a good restful weekend x


I know just how you feel> my one difference being, reactive depression medication as well. i take my hat off to you about you job, as i can just about get thru a day, just getting myself sorted.. I find changes in the weather, if is rain or cold or hot, they all have an effect on my pain levels. also, if i get upset or run down, this also manages to shootout pain at at such a high level, i am suprised im still here>

ive had this illness for 11yrs now and i hate it with a passion!!!


I've been diagnosed for just over a year now, I still fight it at times even though i am learning that i shouldnt. You are right though when i am upset or rundown the pain is far worse and thinking about it its been a busy few weeks. There are times I feel like giving up and staying home, especially when just getting in the shower before work is too much effort but while i can work i will but my heart goes out to those of you who aren't able to any longer xx


gentle dyslexic hugs to you all .. I work i know its a struggle at times .. but we do it ..

mind sometimes i think we should be proud we get up at all ( ha ha ) xx


Oh i so agree lol xx


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