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Feel so nauseous:(

Not a good day or week for that matter.Started the Cymbalta yesterday and by 2pm I felt bloody terrible.Felt so sick and a pounding headache.To top it all, I went to bed shattered and was awake til gone 3am, then my other half got up at 6am to go fishing and I've been awake ever since!

So, having a 'lets not even get dressed day'-just hope no one omes to the door or I'll scare them to death;)

Still feel sick today but hoping by weekend the side effects of Cymbalta will have gone.

Hope you're all having a 'good'

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Poor you.

I been up since 6 as well and didnt sleep til 3 either. I got a bad headache again bt have done a few things today, so now gonna put a film on quietly and lay on my bed for the rest day.

Hope you get some rest. :)

hugs to you. x


love to you and hope that you feelalot better soon love diddle x


Hope you feel better soon, sounds like too much to cope with all at once.

I suffer from lack of sleep due to pain & feel (& probably look like) a zombie most days!

gentle hugs to all xx


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