i am fed up with the pain

i have had fibro for nearly 3 years now and its getting worse im on alot of medication amitrityline 25mg, sertraline 50mg, co-codomal 30/500mg, naproxen 500mg, omeprazole 20mg, plus remerdise from health shop but i am still in pain every day , i work have cut my hours and i struggle everyday the worse time is when i finished my 3 days on it takes me 3 days to get over it is there anyone who could surgest anythink i could help me . i go swimming when i can and have hydro most fridays which dose help but its very hard to do any other exercise please help if you can xxx

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  • Hi there, I have recently been signed off work for a month and don't know whether i can carry on working when i return in a fortnights time. The pain and tiredness is so difficult to live with, i take Co Codamol too when i feel the need, i'm also taking Gabapentin 900mgs a day it has helped greatly especially with sleep i am also taking a Vitamin B12 liquid which i got from my local healthfood shop as it is supposed to help with restless leg syndrome fingers crossed it will benefit me and others who are giving it a go. Gentle hugs to you xxx

  • I am on the same meds and while they don't take the pain away completely believe me, after the week I've just had I realise that they help more than I realised. I had to stop my Gabapentin to start another med. The resulting pain was un-believeable and I suffered an allergic reaction to the new meds which resulted in me looking like a hamster!! I have had to have yet another week off work because I feel like a space-man! I can't drive coz I can't see, blurred vision yet again and hot flushes. I have also had involuntary jerking movements and burning in my feet. I am seriously fed-up!! Sorry about the moan guys but no-one else understands us except us. :/

  • Well you need a big pat on the back working and some keep fit, pain treatment is hit and miss good luck with that mine is still a miss ...

  • aw please dont worry you are not aloe it is never ending isnt it i hope you manage to get back to work your very good i dont work love to you diddle x

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