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Ok so I spent the night with a wheat and lavander bag microwaved nice and warm wrapped round my face and neck. Had to reheat it a few times in the night, but had a reasonable nights sleep without having to take more painkillers. I am still in my pjs at mid day, but think this is a 'down' day. That I can cope with, the pain is easing from my ears and eyes, so going to keep the heat going all day and hopefully it will help.

Love to you all, have a painfree day

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hi yes i am sitting with my massage pad behind me and the heat on to they are lush and you dont have to keep re heating those so may be worth investing in one i even take it upstairs sometimes and put it behind me in bed and they are so portable and ligh t you can take them anywhere ( well round family and friends love to you diddle x


massage pad sounds nice, where did you get that from?


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