PIP medical

PIP medical

Nerves are kicking in big time as I have my assessment tomorrow morning at 8.30 so know I won't sleep tonight as well as it being the day before my daughters wedding and her hen do is tomorrow which we are supposed to be going to have a relaxing day in a spa which I have never been to before I have opted to have my nails done something else I have never had done before as I thought having a massage which I would love would be a big no no good at the time but then even more flare up. As I have family visiting tomorrow possible today thought I would try and do some cleaning last night what a mistake that was but when you have no one else to do it what are you meant to do. I can't stand mess I like a clean tidy house although my little 6 month dog doesn't agree as she has just got all her toys out all over the floor and is insisting I play with her how can one resist such a cute face it's worse than having the 4 kids when they were little. Have been in agony all night with my back and knees and can hardly walk which is why I did it all yesterday as don't want to spoil the wedding. Which I know is going to be two long tough days and will probably leave me in bed most of next week. But so nervous about this medical it's making me feel physically sick to my stomach. Everyone keeps saying I will be fine but just heard from another friend she has lost her car and has been Prut down to lower care. The care part doesn't worry me so much as I am middle rare DLA now but the car even though I don't use it every single day it's there if I need it. I feel socially isolated as it is and I know that is going to make it worse I don't go out now on my own for fear of falling. Physio have just given me a stroller to try and help me gain some confidence. My 95 year old neighbour goes out more than me she even offered to get me anything if I needed it bless her.

Sorry to moan everyone just feeling very very stressed and emotional and just want this medical over and done with.

Hope everyone has a relatively pain and stress free day

Jackie x

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  • Oh jackie4ball I do feel for you 😦 I've been there & got the t-shirt , as I'm sure many of us have. We put ourselves through all of that pain & stress ourselves because there isn't anyone around to do it. I've actually sat In a chair hoovering before now cos I couldn't stand up.

    These pip assessments are so stressful & it's such a shame you couldn't have put it off till after the wedding. No wonder you are feeling dreadful.

    As you say, all the stories we here about friends losing their cars, it's very worrying. I'm like you, I would be house bound if I lost my car. I haven't had the pip forms yet but others near me seem to be still getting them.

    Have you got someone there with you because they assess you when they come in the door. Have any documents at hand so you don't have to rummage around for them. Making drinks, how you get around. Basically they are looking for evidence that differs from your forms.

    I do wish you luck with it my friend and do try not to worry to much, maybe a good thing the wedding to take your mind off it.

    Peace, luv n light

    Jan x

  • Thanks Jan,

    In a way I would have liked to have cancelled but on the other hand I want it out of the way. I can't believe how quick the appointment has come through only sent the forms two weeks ago I know they had to be back by the 29th October this is them changing me over from. DLA to the PIP. My support worker is supposed to be taking me if she doesn't let me down which has happened before. I would really struggle to go on my own. They have phoned me this morning trying to change the time from 8.30 to 9.30 but I told them I can't as my support worker is bringing me so they accepted that I just hope it doesn't mean they will keep me waiting there now as sitting in a chair will cause me a lot of pain. I wish they would realise how much stress these things cause which then has an impact on everything else. Just couldn't believe the appointment came through the day before my daughters wedding. If they take my car obviously I will appeal I am finding life hard enough without this. I don't think it would be so bad if I was still married or had someone at home to help me. My support worker has been trying to get me help but so far no luck because of all the cut backs. You take care. X

  • Yes I know what you mean, quicker its done & out the way, at least you can then try & forget about it for a few days, I'd be the same.

    That is really quick isn't it ? I thought it took a good 4 even 6 wks before you got an appointment. I surpose they are so behind schedule, they are trying to rush things along. Oh I do hope they don't keep you sitting around, by the time you sit & wait & then could possibly be in there for an hour, it's just to much. As you say, they just don't realise what torture & stress they are putting ppl,through with their crazy systems.

    I know what you mean, Its so hard on your own isn't it. I'm quite lucky I live with my daughter and she does so much to help me, but I was on my own for a while.

    I really hope your support worker doesn't let you down, does she realise how important it is ?.

    Do let us know how it goes, I will be thinking of you xx

  • Hi

    Your support worker should not let you down as its so important. If she did I would complain to the company she works for.

    They may ask if you have pets be careful as its is to asses you mobility .

    If you have a dog they need walking or letting out in the garden also need feeding and cleaning up behind them .

    So don't be drawn into telling them you have a puppy as they need care.

    Good Luck


  • Thanks Rose,my daughter wanted me to have the dog as company I am unable to walk her so my daughter calls in and does it when she can the rest of the time the dog goes in the garden she has a dog flap on the door which she goes in and out of. I won't even mention the dog but I have her for my mental wellbeing is what my daughter was thinking because I Am on my own so much.

  • Hi

    I agree they do us a world of good I lost mine 3 years ago not ready yet to look at getting another one .

    Just wanted you to be aware that is one of the question's they often ask then c

    draw conclusions from that .

    Good luck


  • Just remember this is only part of your assessment it will be over and done with in just over a hour then you can relax and enjoy your day

  • Hope you have a great relaxing day at the spa and a fantastic time at the wedding xx

  • Hi jackie4ball

    I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with your PIP assessment and fingers crossed for you. I also want to sincerely wish you and your daughter all the best for the wedding my friend. I truly hope that you all have a wonderful time. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you all for your support for my PIP medical it's now the waiting game to see what the outcome is. Now to hopefully enjoy my daughters wedding although at this moment it is raining and forecast for the day but we will still have a lovely day. Feeling very tired sonwill be glad to get through today to rest tomorrow .



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