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Weekend here again let me know wat your up to folks

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Hya to all my friends what are we all up to this weekend anything good. I'm not doing much as my son is coming up do my ceilings painting got very high ceilings so hel hv to have a long pole or long legs ha as iv had a lot to deal with this week with one illness after another I'm taking it easy more hospital appointments next week and week after I'm beginning to think I live there ha. Well my friends hope you hv a lovely weekend pain free if possible luv hugs luv glor xxx

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Unfortunately I'm working on Saturday, but then I'm meeting friends for dinner in the evening & hopefully another friend for lunch on Sunday. Hope you get your ceilings painted ok & you get to take it easy too.

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You have a nice lunch with yr friend duc and evening you get out there and enjoy yrself. Take care luv glor xx

just incase you didn't hear glo 100, and please dont tell everyone😀 , but this is back on the tv 📺 for next 9 months ⚽️ ⚽️ ⚽️ , and i'd hate to think it will stop you ladies weekend shopping🛒

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Football already oh my god ha wish I cd go out shopping this weekend but I don't feel up to it feel abit stressed at the moment but il get there. You enjoy yr weekend luv glor x

Good luck with it all Glor.

Out Sunday for me, not sure where yet. Have a lovely weekend. Xxx

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glo100 in reply to Blue52

I hope the ceilings will be finished then on to the walls then gloss oh my my son is going to busy and nx week he's a good lad and my carer want no wat do without him. You hv a lovely day luv glor xx

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Blue52 in reply to glo100

He is a good lad, a lot of work. Hopefully ceiling won’t take too long . T xxx


How are you all? I feel rough at the moment but I have to be greedy and have a lot of different things!!

My husband is taking us out for s drive on Saturday , shopping Sunday. I'm very lucky with all the support I get and obviously from all you on here. Btw I love football along with my youngest son, it's my hubby and eldestson who don't like it!!! Mind you I support Oldham, there's not many of us left!!!

Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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