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wow what a night ????

what a night i had.

went to bed very early as was so tiered as drained,head spinning around eyes sore.

hands and feet feeling hot and paining like you would not beleave......

by the time i got up staires, cleaned my teeth and put my pjs on and got into bed, i was ready for at lwast a few good hours kip...

but as soon as my eyes started to close some one decided to have a party across the way till late in the morning...

so sleep was not to be. grawlllll..

at the moment i feel like i have been to the party my self man is my head banging or is it a hang over as can never what i did a few mins ago lol ...

oh well lets hope i can get some zzzzz letter ?

hugs to you all with wool xx

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Oh poor you. Sometimes people are so inconsiderate.

You will have to make sure you have some cotton wool or ear plugs next to the bed and one of those eye masks to block out the world :-) either that or go to the party! Same effect as you have now but with a lot more fun ;-)

Piggie hugs xxxxx


thanks pinkpig99 ,

dont think i will be able to handle the loud music, well if that what you call it, all i could hear was the bass as it was loud and people having to much to drink as the swearing started.... oh joys can wait till the new year for round two hehe ,,

soft hugs back have a grt day if you can


Oh dear, that happened to me before we recently moved house! So many parties or teenagers sitting on our front wall shouting at 3am! The problem I found was that it was impossible to get back to sleep and before I knew it it was daylight again! This has a habit of wrecking your day too doesn't it because you feel so tired etc.

Lavender oil on your temples is relaxing and also that lovely spray for your pillow that smells heavenly, these help to relax me.

I hope you manage to get some peaceful sleep and rest tonight, take it easy today if you can. :) (((hug)))


hi libertyz i will try that too night thank you very much,, hugs with woll


sorry ment to say wool x


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