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Hi all have been away a while!!!


I haven't been on here for a while - My daughter has now got fibromyalgia n has high uric acid in her blood levels, what with her dermatomyocytis - she is on amitriptiline n paracetamol n ibuprofen atm - what with her n my medication you can hear us rattling lol !!

I have now gone n hurt my back again n my nerve has been really playing up again not been too good recently - I have to go to hospital on the 28th for an ultrasound n an internal ultrasound to have further investigations really not looking forward to it! but hey ho that's enough of a little moan from me -

sorry just want to send out some big fluffy hugs to all that need one xxxxxxx

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big fluffy hugs back to you an to your daughter too mystique......moan away cause i know i have on here as well as rambled on n on lol an i have only been on this site for a wk or two!!!

take care x x :D


Thanks Tinkerbell xx just had a bit of a bad time lately but am sure will get back on track soon xx hope you are ok fluffy hugs xx


You certainly are having a bit of a rough time and it can't be easy for you or your daughter, I guess at least you can understand excally what the other is going through, but then if you have bad day at the same time that must be extra hard and frustrating for you both, I can't offer much but big smiles and hugs to you both and i'm sure your'll get there in the end xxx


So sorry to hear you and your daughter are having a rough time lately Mystique, but it's good to see you back with us.

I hope you both feel better soon, it must be tough for you knowing your daughter suffers from the same condition as you. Take care.


Thankyou so much to you all - it means a lot xxxx


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