I know looked down the side of the page and noticed i had written the most blogs i cant beklieve that i dont come on here only bout twice a day or sometimes once now it depends you poor poor peopleif thayt is true being subjected to all my droning ang and drivvle lol love to you all and you all need a medal now you know what my partner has to put up with lol love tomyou all diddle xxxxx

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  • it would be strange not to see your blogs on here when i get up ,so i hope you keep being the top blogger ,i enjoy reading about you day or night :)

    when im sitting here with my coffee feeling like poop ,you always brighten my day ,hugs to you diddle :) xx

  • Aw bless you thankyou so much that lovely love diddle x

  • diddle i love reading your blogs i dont always respond but i do read ALL of them petal

  • thankyou how kind of you love diddle x

  • i have just read 4 of your blogs in a row, thats why you are top blogger! thank goodness! i hope you always will be, bless, love and hugs, xxx:)

  • Your blogs are great! You always make me smile. I wish I could think what to say on blogs, but I just go blank! keep up the good work Diddle, all the best, Cazx

  • Same here I love reading your blogs when I can get on here - u are a truly amazing person n I love to hear what you have to say - big hugs - mystique xxxx

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