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First blog

I thought about writing a blog a long time ago but never had the courage. I think that writing things down about how your feeling is a great way to feel better as I don't have anyone close I can talk to and explain how I'm feeling so here goes.

Today is the first day of the 7 week school holidays and I'm really looking forward to a few lie ins and relaxation, although I have 4 children I find its much easier having them home and enjoy their company (sometimes).

I have really struggled to come to terms with my diagnosis of fibromyalgia but at the same time a little relieved that I can research the condition now I know what's wrong with me, when I look back I think I have endured this condition for a long time but always put it down to coming down with flu or over doing things. I have had a bad back for 20 years which has got increasingly worse since the birth of my last baby 19 months ago, I'm 40 now.

On the outside I look well but inside I feel like I'm so old and frail barely any energy to walk some days, also very difficult to be happy when your feeling so sore, writing about my everyday pain and feelings is the way forward as I'm sure it's a good thing to get it off my mind. I have been reading other people's comments on here for a while and get great comfort in knowing its no lingering my head and what I am feeling is real. ?? Without websites like this I would be very lonely indeed.

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Welcome to the forum .. Although like us all we would rather not have fibro and not be here ,but as we are stuck with it we try to make the forum a place where no one judges, and you can rant, post your thoughts , ask questions and join in the stupid threads that suddenly pop up....

There is more info at


Look forward to hearing more from you

VG x


Hi, you'll find a lot of people on here in the same boat. I find it a great place for advice and support and a bit of a laugh too :) I am 48 and sometimes feel more like 88, but still 20 in my head :)

I hoe you enjoy the summer hols and your lie ins :) Mary xx


welcome :)



Hello, welcome to the site. You should find help,friendship and solace here. We've all been where you are so you'll always find someone who's had a similar experience, no matter how odd a symptom or emotion may seem to you. I think the worse part of fibro is coming to terms with the diagnosis - on the one hand it's good to know you're not going mad, on the other it's disheartening to know there's no handy one-size-fits-all cure. It gets easier as you gradually find a balance so you can accommodate it without letting it swamp you. As for the courage to post, well done you've taken the hardest first step. You may sometimes feel you're just too fragile to join in. Other times you'll feel like all you do is whinge but sometimes you'll feel frivolous and able to join in the sudden bouts of idiocy we tend to break into now and again. It's all fine, there's no right or wrong and everyone is very understanding. Just take what you need and give what you can. Enjoy the time with your children but try not to over do it :) x


Thank you all so much so lovely to finally talk about it to such lovely people who understand and empathise with me xxx means a lot ??


Hi there,Iam 39 and have two boys,a 4 year old and a 10 year old and Iam a single mum.Ive had fm since 2005.Just wanted to say hi to you and well done for writing your first blog.I often just read other people's blogs and don't write anything as I feel my blogs would never be as good as some people's blogs but I know that it's not about that.Its good that you know what the condition you have is,dependant on how bad it affects you,you may well find that you go through a grieving process for the person and life you had before you became ill and this is quite normal.It helps to read other people's blogs and share as much as you can.I also dont have someone whom I can talk with and have found this site to be very helpful x


Thanks haribo7 iv only just read your reply not been on in a while thank you for replying to me x


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